Sunday, April 25, 2010

the whole blog thing

So as most people in the blog world know "Mikey," the gay hockey player from Minnesota, is not real. This came as a huge shock to many. Even to me. He was looked upon as an idol and hero to many closeted kids across the US. I even read his blog from time to time and was part of the reason why I started. (Main reason was Craig though). But I still cant find the words to describe how I feel about this situation. Angry, betrayed, hurt, confused, lost. These dont even do justice to how I feel. Why would someone toy with others emotions and feelings. Especially kids younger than mine who looked up to him. People religiously read his blog and emotionally connected with him. This was all crushed after a post stating it was a lie. I wasn't going to post about this event but felt that I had too express my thoughts as well. It doesn't affect me too much because I didnt read it that often but I cant say the same for others. I have seen kids in their blogs saying that they broke down crying because this was the death of a friend, a good friend. It hurts me to see this. I'm in the same situation as others across the world and it sucks to be closeted. And to have someone to talk to means the world. Lying to family and friends sucks but when you can turn to someone and feel that they truthfully care, means a lot. Mikey was this friend to many and for him to hurt others kills me. Its beyond me why some cruel man would do this. I guess its not definite that its a hoax but it sure seems like it. If there is a real Mikey and he was trying to get out of the blog world, he probably could of gone about doing it some other way.

This whole thing sucks. I cant believe this has happened and has caused so many problems. I am sorry to anyone who got hurt and just know you are not alone!

This song I came across while playing a video game and absolutely loved it. I listen to music to relieve stress and get away from everything. Helps to calm me down and let me think...


  1. Yeah, I was really hurt. I followed that blog nearly from the beginning. As bad as it was for all the young guys who looked up to him, the worst part was what he did to Jimmy. He started an online romance with Jimmy that went on for months. He's really damaged Jimmy, and I'm furious about that. He is supposed to post something tomorrow explaining himself, but I doubt that he will, or that he can say anything to explain himself.

  2. Great song!!! I heard it during the Olympics but didnt know who sang it. Thanks!

  3. hey man I just found your blog and I'm a closeted athlete too.

    feel free to read mine, or IM me

  4. if you have AIM its newerafits77