Monday, September 20, 2010

finally good talk about gays

so today at breakfast, I was sitting with two teammates and the topic of gay people got brought up once again. This time it was positive things being said which made me feel AWESOME on the inside :) lol It started because a guy at another table behind us was wearing a Lady Gaga shirt (this was a concert this past weekend so that might of had something to do with it) but one of my teammates was like "that kid is a fagget for sure." Then the other was like "yeah, he might be but its whatever really. I have some gay friends back home and they are really cool. I have a couple gay guy friends and they are completely normal and you would never notice." Then the other kid responded with "yeah I dont mind them, I know some gay guys too and they just dont show it or flaunt when they are out with us. Like just cause they are gay doesnt mean they have to be all girlie and talk about dick all the time. Like we dont go dry humping all the girls that walk around." As they were discussing this topic, I just sat there and I think I was smiling but I was tryin to hide just for the fact they didnt suspect anything. It was such a good feeling knowing that they didnt mind gays and actually have "normal" gay friends. Looks like things are looking up :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a new man?

Well isnt much going on in my life and that has caused the lack of posts. Everything is just along smoothly and its the same stuff but different day really. I have had a couple tests and got A's on both of them. Soccer is getting better. My ankle is finally recovering but now I have a couple muscle strains. Still playing on them and thats probably why they havent been getting better. Just hate sitting out of practice.

There is some good news on the guy situation :) No its not the tennis player but the new guy is better looking and actually talks to me! lol He is funny, cute, smart, gay but "normal", easy to talk too, and basically is me buttttt goes to a different school. Also in a different state haha. I met him through the blog and since we first messaged each other, we havent really stopped talking and I absolutely love it! Its kind of weird how similar we are. Its a weird feeling to have but like if he isnt on chat, I get upset, if he sends me a message, I instantly smile :) He knows what to say to cheer me up and knows what to say to make me laugh. The conversations we have had are the craziest things I have ever told anyone. There are some negatives to this kid though. When I have 8 am classes which are 4 of the 5 days out of the week, he keeps me up til like 3 talking to me! I tell him that I need to go to bed but I end up talking for another hour! He kills me!! But I like it :) Also his favorite food is sushi and if you know what I eat, I hate sushi! So it might not work out :/ hahahaha