Saturday, July 16, 2011


Updated! (new music and new genres. this is about as gay as i will get on this blog besides the idea of it all haha but had a complaint on music (Explorer Jack) so i thought i would give some fresh jams to yall. and for a disclaimer, i dont have any of these songs actually on my itunes...even though i do enjoy them haha)

So I tried writing a post tonight since I've been so fucking bored butttttt I couldnt even do that. Its like my brain doesnt know how to function properly when Im bored. My thoughts wont stay put when Im trying to write. I had started two posts before giving up on them and now this is my post in order to clear thoughts.

Talked to some blog buddies tonight and it was great. I love talking about random shit with someone who knows my secret. Its like a sense of openness. Even if we dont talk about gay things, them just knowing makes things feel better. Like earlier in the evening I was with my brothers fiance getting dinner. He's out of town so it was just me and her. We sat there for hours just talking after we were done. From what I wanted to do after school, to adopting kids, to family. It was just random talk and I felt at ease because she knows about me.

I dont know what it is when I talk to someone who knows Im gay, but it certainly is a different feeling than talking to someone who doesnt know.

Hope everything is well people!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Everyone

In celebration of country's freedom and all our troops, here is a GREAT article for yall to read. It was sent to me by a reader of my blog and I thank you for that! Its a bit lengthy but no more than 10 minutes. I almost started crying reading it cause its so touchy...

So here it is, check it out!
Soldier leaves legacy much larger than 'he was gay'

-And I enjoy reading the comments from these articles, but one I read yesterday was saying something like this article should just be about the soldier dieing and not about him being gay cause its no difference that a black soldier and if the article read "soldier leaves legacy larger than being black" and then like the gay community should stop fighting for rights cause it doesnt matter. Well in my opinion, I feel like thats fuckin retarded because unlike gay people, black people can obviously serve open in the military. Gays have to suppress their feelings and serve for the country that restricts its rights. Also, its bullshit because blacks also had to fight for their freedom and rights so why cant gays? It makes no sense and it seriously pisses me off when people say such ignorant shit. Like why the fuck do people care so much who others are fucking or liking. It makes no difference to them at all!

Well thats it, feels good to get that off my chest. Time to celebrate the best country in the world :) stay safe everyone!