Tuesday, December 31, 2013


first off - Happy belated Thanksgiving... Merry belated Christmas... and hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year!!

my plans for New Years Eve is that we are going to the Uptown area of Dallas where are all the bars are located with my group of friends from high school with a pregame at the Ritz Carlton! one of my buddies moms hooked it up and booked a suite there for us which will be way sick.

i do have quite a bit that i havent informed yall as of lately but i'm doing extremely well. being out to (almost) all my friends back home has been a great experience. i even went to a gay bar with a couple of them and they all loved it. also, a friend of mine in law school here in Dallas introduced me to a guy in her study group which has been beneficial haha he is really cool, easy to talk to and even came out with my group of high school friends. just kind of sucks i leave to head back to school in less than a week... but i will try to update yall later about the details of everything else.

i wanted to show y'all these trailers of an upcoming HBO series - its about gay guys. i mean, i'll for sure watch it and see what its all about.

trailer #1:

trailer #2: