Sunday, November 25, 2012


a cool video i found while youtube hopping. Big Sean is an artist I like to listen to and this just made me like him even more...if you're not a rap fan or never heard of him, check out the video still, its pretty deep...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

i hate writing

i've been sitting (with the exceptions of bathroom breaks, getting food, and napping) in the same place since 11am trying to write a paper in which i still have nothing down yet. its a 10 page paper for my Employee Benefits class over the retirement system in the US and then comparing it to two other countries retirement systems. needless to say, this fucking blows and i cant even think of anything to write. its due Friday and i've had it now for 3 weeks but i've really only just now got time to start on it.

this class is one that isn't my favorite. one thing that really upsets me about this class is that some of the information that im learning and someday will be helping people with, doesn't even apply to me or my future. things such as spousal IRAs and other joint retirement plans with a spouse dont apply to gay people. in the class, a joke was even made about this situation and it got a pretty good laugh from the students. of course i just sat there pissed off on the inside. i was gonna blog about it when it happened but things have just been too busy.

in other news:
-its fucking awesome about the progression for gay-marriage. it gives me a sense of hope in the future for our country leaning to acceptance. it would be way sick if one day, all of the 50 state allowed gay-marriage.

-i'm no longer a college soccer player. my season ended in the first round of our conference tournament in an unfortunate series of events. we lost in penalty kicks 4-3. i took mine and made it but our keeper had to save their next shooter in order to give us one more shot but it didnt happen. ultimately, it was a disappointing season for me. an on-going hamstring plagued my senior year which sucked. i only ended up with 2 goals and 4 assists which isn't up to par for my standards.

-i have less than a month til christmas break and i get to go home and spend time with my fam. i cant fuckin wait for that. i miss them and just being home... my mom came up for our game and spent a couple days up here. we went to Flemings steakhouse (it was banginggg) for her early birthday dinner and we discussed gay issues and how she felt about everything. it was awesome and i absolutely love her. i'm not even ashamed to say im a 'momma's boy' haha

thats about it, hope everyone is doing good! i guess i should try to get back to the paper... (if anyone knows any good info about retirement systems in the US, Australia, or Denmark or Netherlands, leave a comment with some thoughts) hahaha

mad powerful.

i always check huffingtonpost to see what the latest gay news is and love reading articles like these... thought i would share: