Sunday, January 27, 2013

vblog #4

an update on the weekend and how i told another teammate and his reaction.

sorry about the background music. i had it a little too loud...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

vblog #3

just talking about some movies...

Hugh Jackman is the actors name...had to google it haha

Sunday, January 20, 2013

i lied.

well, i guess not technically lie but didnt follow through with what i was planning on doing in a somewhat round-about-way. so in my last video blog, i said i was going to be more open and tell others if i was gay if it was questioned it.

tonight, me and my roommate went to go grab some dinner on campus at the student center and we ran into a teammate and his girl. his girl always is saying how cute and good looking i am and like if she wasnt with him, she would try with me and always asks when i'm gonna get a girlfriend because i shouldnt be single. well once again, she kept asking when im gonna get a girlfriend. i just brushed it off saying im just waiting for the right girl and my roomy was backing me up. i honestly did want to tell her and my teammate but i just wasnt feeling it. she plays softball so was a bit worried that if she knew, it might spread through her team. i was just over thinking it at the time and now im regretting it because ive been meaning to tell my teammate that we saw.

so yeah, just thinking about that how i missed an opportunity to tell those two people... though on a positive note, i did tell 2 more of my teammates this past weekend and again, they were super chill about it which was good.

what gays think about vagina...

thought this was pretty funny... i think the funniest line was: "as far as putting any of my goodies in one of them, no thank you" hahahahaha

Thursday, January 17, 2013

vblog #2

i'm on a roll with these videos. i just like it better than writing even though it is awkward to talk to a camera alone haha... i switched to youtube because vimeo wouldn't let me upload this video cause the size was too big. but hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

video blog numero uno!

well here it is... my first video blog. it took fucking forever to figure out how to post it so hope yall enjoy. it's pretty weak in content being that i got camera shy and forgot everything i was gonna talk about... and i hate hearing my own voice haha

vblog #1 from Socrkid17 on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

first post of the new year

holiday break is over. christmas was a bit wierd this year but overall was good and i'm now back at school. class started yesterday and once again, this semester will be a difficult one. for some reason though, i'm kind of excited about it though. the classes i'm taking (which are trust administration, estate planning seminar, investment/portfolio management, management of trust department, legal environment of business, and business ethics) seem like they actually might be interesting to me. looking at them in print, they clearly dont seem very appealing but from what the professors have talked about so far on the first day of class, i cant wait to get started with the material.

random thoughts...

Matt Dallas came out by saying he is engaged to his boyfriend who is apparently a musician. and before i read about his coming out, i had no idea who he was...but now, im in love with him haha the dude is mad sexy! (click his name, its a link to his google images)

Jon Hamm is packin heat down low! there have been a lot of pictures of him on the news recently and i had to google search him to check it out for myself. so if you havent seen the pics, click his name cause i linked it for your pleasure.

being back at school is different though this semester simply because my roommate, the i first person i told, is no longer at school. he graduated at the semester so it kind of sucks and its pretty different not having him around all the time. i still text him daily and yesterday we talked on the phone for an hour but its still not the same.

i've been toying around with the thought of doing some video blogs. i actually did make 2 videos during my 20 hour drive back to school (probably wasnt the safest thing ive done) but just not sure if i should post them. i hate the sound of my voice cause i think it sounds weird in videos and just not sure if i should post them haha

hope everyone had a great holiday and happy new year!!