Monday, April 29, 2013

history has been made today

if you haven't seen or heard or read anything about it, here it is - the article that was published by Sports Illustrated. Jason Collins came out and is the first American athlete to come out in one of the four major sports.

personally, i never knew or even heard his name before this article. that has changed completely now. i have a huge amount of respect for this man and i hope him the best in signing with a team to continue his career.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

so much gay talk today

first off... holy shit! there are so many terrible and tragic things going on in the world as of lately. i feel like everyday, its something new. today in West, Texas, there was a fertilizer plant that exploded. its a city about an hour and a half from where i am from and have driven through the city numerous of times. watching the news and hearing about all the casualties is just killing me. i hate to hear and see all these events happen. here is a link (warning: turn volume down before watching) to what the explosion looked like and immediately, for some reason i teared up. i can't picture what it would be like to be there to see it or even be near it. its just sad.

today i went to another GSA meeting which was the last one of the semester and there was a guest speaker. the speaker was the head minister of our school (i think that's the title at least). she presented different ideas and viewpoints of what it means to be gay and to be a Christian. i was only able to stay for the first hour though because my MBA Business Ethics class started at 6. and coincidentally, in class tonight, we had a guest speaker who is the associate director of religion at our school who discussed gay marriage and traditional Christianity. so i heard a solid 3 hours tonight of gay talk - though i'm not necessarily complaing.

to me, religion is a very interesting topic. i enjoy talking about it even though i don't even know much about it. i do believe there is something greater out there, yet i don't know what exactly that is - that is for another post though. but as of right now after hearing so many different viewpoints on Christianity and homosexuality, my mind is racing. not with confusion about questioning my own sexuality but with confusion of what others truly think about homosexuality. there are so many conflicting ideas when religion and being gay comes up in the same sentence.

i dont even know where to start. the question or ethical issue of letting gays marry doesn't even seem like it should be a problem at all in my eyes. maybe i might be wrong, but at the basis of our country, isn't there a separation of Church and State? so why should the definition of marriage be defined by the biblical meaning which is between a man and woman. it doesn't seem right that our whole nation is governed by the constitution in which it basis' marriage off the Bible even though all citizens in the US are not Christians and do not follow the Bible.

i don't understand why homosexuality tends to be at the forefront of 'sins' in which people judge others on. within the Bible, there are plenty of other 'sins' that are listed as wrong yet those are not highlighted or get the same weight of attention placed upon them. isn't divorce a sin in the Bible unless the woman commits adultery? i'm not 100% sure if that is true or not but if it is, why should people be allowed to get divorced. there should be a law banning divorce between couples unless the woman commits adultery. it only seems fair to me. if something like that was introduced, that would be a huge uproar within society. celebrities might be the most affected by such a legislation i would think.

something else i don't get about 'marriage' is that people say it is designed so couples can procreate. maybe it's just me, but i honestly do not believe every couple is thinking, "yes, the only reason we should marry is to make a kid." i'm pretty sure a couple can have a kid without tying the knot and also, i know many couples get married but choose to not reproduce. should the couples who don't have kids while being married be forced to resign their marriage license because they are not fulling their duties of procreating. or should women or men who are infertile not be allowed to get married?

there are honestly so many thoughts and opinions that i have about this topic. i cant even illustrate them all by writing them down. and when i do think about this, my mind goes in so many directions that it is hard to keep my thinking straight.

one question that i do have and would possibly like some thoughts on is:
can a person be against gay marriage but be pro-gay or gay friendly?

to me, it doesn't make sense and i feel that if a person is against gay marriage, then they can't be considered gay friendly

Monday, April 15, 2013

marathon monday

i was gonna post how great my Monday has been being that i finally finished my so-called 'hell week' which included way too many papers, projects, cases, presentations, and tests. but as i got back from lifting and in the middle of literally 'suiting' up for my investments presentation, i noticed the "Breaking News" headline that was flashing across the screen.

my tv was on and set to CNN in order to be ready for the Robbie Rogers interview with Anderson Cooper once i got back from class that was originally supposed to air tonight. instead, it has been a constant flow of news coverage of the horrible act of violence against those in Boston - or against America as a whole.

from the time i left my room after seeing the news, i was trying to stay up to date with news throughout my class. though i dont know anyone personally who was running, i have friends living in the area of Boston. it just blows my mind to think someone would do such a thing. what would cause a person to want to hurt so many innocent lives? this goes for any horrific act against humans. i dont think there could be a reason that validates this type action that was taken. after seeing the graphic pictures that have been posted online, someone deserves a severe punishment - and i really do hope they find whoever was responsible for this act.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Robbie Rogers is the man

if you haven't read one of the newest articles about Robbie Rogers yet, you should check it out. it's awesome Robbie finally did an interview and explained the situation even more...

it's safe to say, i wish he was my boyfriend though. he is mad good looking, a soccer player, has style, and he doesn't sound gay - just from those qualities, we are a match-made in heaven... (a heaven where being gay is cool with the Big Man though)

linked them in the big-capped 'article' word for yall haha
- this ARTICLE is from the Guardian in London and has a video-interview which was cool

- this ARTICLE is from the New York Times. it's okay but pretty vague compared to the Guardian one.