Thursday, June 30, 2011

the kid i can count on

The first person I told my about my lil secret has probably been my closet friend for the past year. Its my roommate from freshman year, sophomore year, and we will be living together next year as well. He is also on the soccer team with me at school. I seriously can talk about ANYTHING with him and he doesnt care. Ever since coming out to him, I feel like we have defiantly gotten closer. He understands where I'm coming from with the coming out process cause he has some gay family members but unfortunately, it wasnt as easy for them cause they were brought up differently.

But the other day when New York passed the bill for same sex marriage, I chatted him saying I can get married in New York now. He said thats awesome that another state is legalizing it. Then he said something along the lines of this: "so when you get married in new york, i better be invited first off all cause ive never been to new york and second, you better tell your husband that he has the pullout or floor cause im sleeping in the same bed as you :) " I was cracking up reading that and it felt so good that he like hes just so chill with the whole gay thing. We went on talkin about marriage and if I ever will get married but I'm not to sure if it will happen. Im actually not into the whole marriage thing. I would feel awkward having a wedding with friends and family there for some reason. 

Then we went on talking about kids cause Im coaching camp again this week and I got the 7 year olds which is sometimes frustrating but I also love it. I really want my own kid (really only a boy cause I dont want to deal with female problems haha.) And I kind of want my kid to be blood related meaning I would have to find a surrogate mother. I have no idea of the process of all that but I think it would be different to have some lady carry my child for 9 months then just hand him over lol But I told my roommate that I would have to find a dime (good lookin women) to carry my sperm. And he said "ya cause she would have to make up for your ugly ass looks" hahaha

And yesterday, I told him about my past hookups lol It was all through fb chat but I mean he tells me every detail when he hooks up with a chick. Mainly cause im asking to make jokes about it but he gets mad when I dont tell him stuff. So i decided I would and I did that yesterday. Told him about craigslist and the random hookups and he thought it was cool. He was real happy I finally decided to tell him stuff and he was happy Ive been gettin my dick wet lol

This kid is awesome and love him to death. I feel like everyone should have someone like this in real life to help express feelings and talk about stuff with. I might of gotten lucky to find such a great friend but I'm super glad I did :)

ps-my homie Secrets of An All-American from the blog world told someone!! give him a shout cause thats fuckin hugggee

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

where does the time go?

So I defiantly took a break from bloggin but it wasn't really on purpose. I've been pretty busy with soccer. Practicing twice a day then lifting some days, I've been exhausted. And I've been traveling a lot. This past month I've been to Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and some city in Mississippi and going to Orlando and Bradenton this weekend. Its a lot travel and hours on a charter which I either sleep or just listen to my iPod. Theres movies normally playing but typically they are scary and Im not a scary movie type of guy lol.

Within the past month, I've told one person. Its an old highschool friend that I havent seen a while but we talk occasionaly. I told him through a text and he was super chill about it. I knew he would be so thats why I decided just to tell him. I think his lil bro is gay and so does he but he doesnt care about it. But when I told him, he just asked a bunch of questions like what type of guys Im into, do I have a bf, am I trying to have one, just stuff like that. And I was real happy he did cause normally people dont ask that stuff right away. Also he goes to UT (University of Texas) and for those who know UT, its in Austin and Austin is very liberal. Their slogan is "keep Austin weird" so there are plenty of gay people and just different people but he invited down to stay with him and he would take me to some gay clubs lol he's a good guy and Im real glad I told him.

Since being here in Nashville, I've had no action lol Its been a while too and Im gettin to that point where I need a hookup. And not knowing anyone here makes it that much harder. I've tried craigslist but holy shit, the people on there for this city are weirrrdddd. Its awful! Like I feel there has to be other guys out there in my situation in this city. Nashville seems pretty liberal from what I've seen of it. And when I go out, I always see real good looking dudes and got mad fashion and I can never tell if they are gay or straight. I just really want to have some fun before I head back to jail (my school) lol

Thats about it I guess, I will post more often for sure