Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what a day

Today might have been one of the longest days in awhile. Started off with an early morning and ended with a late night with no nap in between...

Started today off with 7 am practice which didn't go so well. In our warmup I pulled something near my groin. It hurt so bad and I knew right then I did something bad, so I had to sit out the rest of practice. Later on I went to the trainers and our team doctor couldn't even figure what was wrong. It hurt to pass the ball and walk but when he was moving my leg in every direction, there was no pain. It didn't help that it was in the most awkward place possible. It was right in between my legs where the groin is but it was more inside but its hard to explain. It was weird cause he was feeling all around down there to see if he could find a pull and it was right next to my "package" (don't know what else I should call, how appropriate it should be). Kind of awkward with him rubbing down there and there were other athletes getting treated just looking at us like what is he looking for.

Anyways, today was also a day for lessons apparently. In our weekly religion class that all students have to attend, we had a guest minister speaker talk about his life and what troubles he has had. He had a lot and it made my problem seem little. His ranged from his wife have a brain tumor, to his kid almost dying, to him living with skin cancer. I find it hard to complain about m problem since mine isn't life threatening like his all were. He told a quote to us that he said helped get him through his troubles. "Life isn't about finding ways to avoid the storm, but it's learning how to dance in the rain." I didn't get what he meant by this until he explained it but I thought it was cool. I will probably use in the future. Then tonight we had a speech that all the athletes at our school had to attend which was about hazing.The speaker came to our school to talk about why it is a problem and what we should do to avoid it. I can't think of a time that I was hazed or my friends were hazed. Maybe I got lucky and I guess I did because he told some stories about kids that were hazed and didn't end happy. I really don't understand why kids or anyone would do things like that. I know its probably not on purpose, but think before you act. Its stupid to lose a life over something so small.

I also had lifting today that went well. I love getting to work out and see the results. I wish I didn't have to go to class and I could just play soccer and workout all day. That would be the life! When we got back from lifting, me and my roommate did the P90X ab workout. That thing is insane!!! Those people are machines. There is no way those are average people. They didn't take any breaks and they didn't even break a sweat. I was dying the whole time. Its the hardest ab workout to do. And the thing about my roommate is, is that he is very "showy" I guess. He always walks around in his underwear or sometimes nothing. I think its awkward but I don't think he does. Then when I'm taking my shower after him, he just stands there naked having a complete conversation with him. I don't find him attractive because he isn't my type but it might be bad if I did lol. But he does have a girlfriend so nothing would happen anyways.

Well, thats what a typical day for me is like. I will get into more personal stuff as I write more.


  1. Hey man, I'm liking the blog so far. Lol at the awkward injury. And I wish my housemates walked around naked. Actually I don't because their girls but if they were guys then yuuuuuuuummm...

  2. Hey cool blog man! Keep up with writing i'm def. gonna be a frequent follower. lol ouch with that injury! good way to get massage in that area though. lol.

  3. i found this blog due to craig's advertising skills lol
    but i love this lil blogging community of closet cases with few followers. altho now craig's a celebrity pretty much haha
    lookin forward to more posts man.

  4. Haha, thanks for the advertising gay footballer! Got some people reading my blog now which is and people are commenting so its pretty cool. But it wouldn't be bad if I was attracted to my roommate but I'm not :(