Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer coming to an end

Like I promised, here is my last post of the summer. Dont really know what to say because there isnt much to say. Nothing exciting has happened lately. Tomorrow (or today since its 2 am as Im writing this) I leave for Utah. Im leaving at 7 in the morning to go see one of my best friends at college. This is the friend I was going to come out to but never did. In case if you were wondering, Im not gonna come out to him while Im there. It would be bad if I told him and he didnt approve then Im stuck in Utah alone lol I dont think that would happen but not gonna risk it. From Utah, I fly back to Texas for a day then have to drive 20 hours back to school in North Carolina :( Its such a long, boring drive to school. I would much rather fly but I need a car at school.

Uhhh, there was something I wanted to post yesterday but I forgot! If I think about it, I will blog next time about it. Sorry for a short closing post for the summer but I will be back in about 2 weeks! IF I find alone time, I will try to blog. Until then, stay safe!!

This is a song that is on my main playlist on my iPod at the moment. Its different but Im feeling it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Saw Inception tonight was f'in crazy!! The whole movie was just a mind trip. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone. Just make sure you pay attention the WHOLE movie!! Also there are some very good looking guys in it :)

I will post again tomorrow and that will be my last post of the summer probably :( I leave Wednesday to go see my friend at college then Im headin back to school unfortunately. Where the hell did the summer go?!! Seems like last week I just got home. Hanging with friends and working everyday just kills the time. I did have a good summer though so its all good. Hope everyone else is having a good summer and staying safe!

 Night Guys

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some facts...

During the time of my blog, I havent really discussed any inside facts about my everyday life. Sooooo I thought I would today.

Where to start??Hmmmm...

Well you all know I LOVE soccer! That is an obvious one. Ever since I could remember I have been kicking a ball. My parents said when I started walking I would just kick the ball around the house for hours then fall a sleep and get right back up and do it again. I was born into a soccer family so I think the passion for the game is in my blood. My dad grew up playing soccer and is still involved in the game. My mom is the odd one out cause she played tennis which isnt bad but it sure isnt soccer! My older and sister both play soccer and so does my little brother. Im obviously the best one (they might disagree) but its the truth :)

The most recent and where my heart is now is in my iPhone! lol Might sound dorky but Im into technology and ever since apple came out with it,  I have been dieing to get one. Buuuttt since Im f'in T-Mobile (which suckss!!) I have never been able to get one. The funny thing is that Im still T-Mobile though! My friend just got the iPhone 4 so he sold me his 3G and unlocked it for me. I know its the not the newest one but nonetheless its an iPhone and Im happy with it. I got it 2 days ago and I havent been able to set it down. (its in my lap at the moment since Im typing) but its the best phone ever. Even though I have the iPod touch its just not the real deal like the phone.

Other interesting fact: Im a beast at ping-pong! lol Might be trying out for the Olympic Table Tennis Team is soccer doesnt work out. Just kidding but it would be cool to do that. I think its insane how professional ping-pong players put so much spin on the ball and stand like 15 ft from the table and still smash the ball. We have a table in our game room where me and my older brother play. We keeps tabs on who is in the lead and Im currently winning by a couple games. My dad is slightly better than me but I can beat him occasionally. 

Another fact is that I am the PICKIEST eater. And this is the truth. Being an athlete you would think I eat my daily fruits and vegetables but I dont. I have a very small menu I choose from. I dont eat fruits, vegetables, seafood, mexican (besides plain tacos), asian, or really anything. My favorite food is fried chicken :) This is definitely not the best food for me but I gots to have it!! I dont know why Im like this or how I got like this because when I was a little kid, I ate everything. Its like a switch got flipped off. This does cause problems when we got eat with friends or when I go on soccer tournament trips. But for 19 years of my life, I have survived. And Im still healthy! lol I could be healthier but its just how my taste buds works.

I guess thats about it. It wasnt too many facts but just some things I havent mentioned. Hope everyone has been safe and continues to stay safe!

later dudes

Friday, July 2, 2010

an idol

So someone I look up to in the gay community is Gareth Thomas. He is a Welsh rugby player who is openly gay. He came out last December and is the only professional athlete out and still active. Rugby is not the most gay-friendly sports and Thomas seems to fit right in as being gay. I guess it helps being one of the greatest Welsh rugby players but I think there is some progress being made. 

I found out about Gareth Thomas a couple months back and thought it was so cool he was out and still playing. I read a couple things about him and what he has accomplished. Its amazing how much he has done in the sport of rugby. It would be awesome if an American athlete came out but Im not sure when that will happen. I think if a football player came out, it would change some attitudes or at least show the fans true attitudes towards a gay athlete.

Gareth Thomas had an interview for HBO Real Sports and I watched it today. It aired I think 2 weeks ago but finally found alone time to watch it. It was awesome! Makes me like him even more. Here is a clip of the interview below. I recommend other athletes watching it.