Thursday, May 10, 2012

first week as an intern

Been doing the grown thing and working 8-5 for the past four days and only got about 12 weeks left! haha The first week on the job has been pretty slow and when I mean pretty slow, I mean very slow. Like yesterday and today, I got there at 8am and didnt start doing anything until about 10-10:30. I literally just sit in my cubicle and either draw/color like I did this morning, or I go on the computer. Im hesitant about surfing the web though just cause I dont know if Im supposed to. Yesterday I sat in on two meetings and they were super boring. I guess it doesnt help being that I didnt know much what they were discussing but regardless, they were way too long and way to slow. The first one was a like a monthly meeting within the unit Im interning in and with the supervisor of the whole operations. They discussed a new website that will replace the existing one, some different mail system regarding checks to clients, and some other updates. Then the second one was about a project they are in the middle of doing which will make it easier to look up and deal with clients accounts. I have started some processes and inputting data into the computer that deals with the new project though which is kind of cool. I have to search peoples accounts and check to see what type of account it is, (CRAT, CRUT, exectorship, rev/irrev, charitable trust, etc) and then list their ID number in which it will help to identify. It is a tedious process but still cool to actually know what the stuff means since Ive seen it in school. Hopefully things start to pick up a bit and I get more hands on stuff though

this is my cubicle

my picture from this took like an hour or so on and off haha

this is my room for the summer (the bed is so tiny!)

an old pic. this is from the drag show at the gay club
 (the bright spot is the drag queen)
 and this pic is from the remaining days at school. me 
on the right and my roomy on the left (the one who i told first). he 
moved his bed in my room for the last 3 nights while we
were at school haha we also had the girl he's talking/smashing
 with us. she slept with him though