Wednesday, September 28, 2011

its one of those nights

Tonight is one of the nights where I had someone to hang with. Just talk, watch a movie, play fifa, or even sit there in silence would be fine. Its just knowing that he is there when I need him.

I just wrote a post then completely deleted it cause of how pissed I am. It was some venting of my game tonight and it made me sound like a complete dick. Tonight is a night where I wish I didnt play soccer. Thats hard to say but right now, I wish I was living the care-free college life.

Dont know what else to say. I want to write stuff down but I have so many thoughts goin on right now.

ps-awesome responses to the last post (those actually cheered me up some, pretty detailed responses)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Question #3

So I did a thing of where I asked a question hoping to get some responses but I havent dont it in a while so I thought I would give it another go around. I think I was on question 3 so here it is...

Would you rather get a bj or give a bj?

I know some guys like to be givers and others like to take. Im not sure what I like more. The few bj's Ive got, I just didnt think anything special of it and the few that I've given, I was never happy with the dude I was with. So I think it might depend on the guy or situation I'm in. Also just in my own thoughts, I feel like if I admitted to like giving a bj more, that would make me so much more gayer than getting one haha

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Recently was in Baltimore and it defiantly surprised me. Its a sick city! I never have been there before but I kind of want to go back already. Did some walking around by the bay where there were so many restaurants and shops to go to.

This post didnt really have a meaning besides the exploration of a new city and my first mobile post. Downloaded a blogger app to my new phone and thought I would try it out.

Added some pics that were somewhat cool. The pic of the scrap metal and the concrete blocks were from the World Trade Center and  Pentagon from 9/11. It was outside the World Trade Center there.

Take it easy world!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

what am i doin with my life

Blogger is a great way to avoid homework haha 4th post of the night...this is for sure a personal record

Today we visited Bank of America for my major. What I'm studying in school defiantly isn't a everyday degree. Its along the lines of finance stuff though. Can't really get too in depth about it all but for my class, we took a trip to Charlotte this afternoon. We went to the top floor of the BoA building for some panel discussions and a very richy lunch. It was way sick. It opened my eyes to what my major offers and the opportunities it provides me. I'm pretty excited about the future. I actually wouldn't mind graduating next week and moving onto the working world. Yeah college is supposed to be the best years of your life, but I honestly haven't experience that. It could be soccer keeping me back from that, or being a closeted gay, or going to a small ass private school in the middle of nowhere, or me just not putting myself out there. I would say its a combination of all those but I think I'm ready to move on.

Another reason for me to get into the real world: relationship possibilities or at least meeting other gay people. Being at this school defiantly limits my chances of finding a chill guy to hang with. I guess my gaydar blows anyways so it makes it that much harder. I just feel like once Im on my own in a different city, I might be able to make some moves, meet some people. Dont really have a plan for that but I think it might be somewhat easier. I dont know though, I just want to be done with school and makin money...

I just want to be successful in all aspects of my life in the future

...and holy shit, just looked at my hw, probs should of done that instead of bloggin haha

some new fellow bloggers

My blog has helped me beyond belief. It started with me wanting to vent my feelings and emotions but it has turned out to be a little network of support. The encouragement and love I have been showed by everyone who comments or reads my blog has helped me in my journey tremendously! And I really thank yall for that...

So, with all the support I have gotten, their are some new guys who have started blogging for the same reasons I have and could probably use some words of wisdom as well. Here are two new blogs that have been started within the past couple of days that I cant wait to read their stories...

Check them out sometime! Belgian Guy and NormalKid88

sick videos for an athlete lover

Here are two sick and inspiring videos for any athlete lover...

"When you want to succedd as bad as you want to breathe..."

And as for the Becks/ Ronaldo debate... Yes I think Beckham is hotter, but no doubt about it, Ronaldo has an insane body! He is absolutely shredded!! And he is a fuckin is ridiculous footballer. This just shows why is one of the best in the world. Its a real good video if you have extra time.

my type

Im not sure if I've wrote about this before but I'll do it again anyways since a commenter requested haha

I dont really have a type I would say, but I have some preferences. One being the guy should be masculine. Not necessarily by playing sports or working out a lot, but he shouldn't wear females clothes or talk with a lisp. I dont mind that type of people, but its just not for me to date. I love a normal guy who you wouldn't guess to be gay or into dudes. I find a lot of my straight friends to be perfect type of guys just because they dont give off the gay vibes (if that makes sense.) Im also kind of only into white guys. Again, its just a preference and not saying im racist by any means. I like all types of people. Thinking about it, my good group of friends is a pretty diverse group of people with all races. One of my best friends is black and he knows and took it pretty well too. As for a way a guy dresses, I like athletic type of clothing but also a guy who can dress up and look good going out. Not a fan of someone who takes 45 minutes too get ready though or someone who fake tans and its extremely noticeable. I like a nice tan line though below the waist :)

uhhhhhh a nice body is always good. Not asking for a straight up 8 pack but in decent shape is good. For body hair, I like some hair in the right places. Chest, arms, legs is all good unless your looking like teenwolf lol Clean shaven guys can be hot too. I do like when a guy shaves down below. I think its gross if a guy doenst clean up and its a forest down there. Im not trying to get a hairball! Thats a turnoff for me... I like facial hair or some scruff, thats real nice. Blonde hair or brown hair are typically the guys I look at but I've seen some real hot red heads before.

And overall, personality is a HUGE thing for me. If you aren't cool to chill with, then nothings gonna happen. I tend to be drawn to normal acting guys. Jokes here and there, serious talk, can hold a conversation, talk about whatever are all important things. I feel like talking is a huge part of a relationship so being able to connect on a personal level is key for me.

Thats about it I think. I guess thats somewhat of a description of a guy I would date :) hahah

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

gay talk with the guys

So we went to the beach on Sunday and it was so chill. Perfect weather and the water felt amazing. I would love to live near a beach. There are soooo many good looking people of both sexes! I love to people watch and check others out haha

At one point, I was in the water with 3 of the 4 guys that know and there was a situation where there were 2 girls and 1 guy so they were tryin to have me go talk to the dude so the guys could talk to the girls. It was funny cause we started talkin about how he wasnt my type and stuff like that. And they were saying that your always gonna have a hookup to where your not proud about lol I just thought it was cool that we were talking about it so openly and they were asking what my type was and stuff. It was pretty funny.

And then at dinner Monday night, I was there with 3 guys who knew again and one asked me who my top five guys at school I thought were good looking. I dont know there names so I just said there were a couple in my classes and that I would point them out if I saw them around. Then we just went to famous people about who I thought was hot. I named some and they were naming guys and judging them as well lol Then I said I would take David Beckham over Cristiano Ronaldo and they got pissed at me. They couldnt believe I said that and they were giving me shit for that. It was real funny that they were judging guys with me and stuff.

Then we were talking about hookups or something along those lines. And one guy said "you got to slay the dragons to get to the princess." I said "Im not trying for the princess" and he was like, "then you got to slay them to get to the prince homie" hahahah I was cracking up when he said that. (and if yall dont understand it, dragons are ugly guys obviously and the prince is the hot guy lol) Its awesome that the guys are so open about talking about it with me and asking me questions. It feels fuckin awesome not havin to avoid answers about girls and stuff. Feel so much better on the inside since telling them. Its awesome not being treated any differently since tellin those guys which is cool.

Thats about it thats new. scored a goal that other day that was so sick and I was shocked I scored it lol It was probs one of my better if not best ones I've ever scored. School is still school so nothing new there.

Thats about it I guess. Hope everyone has had a good Labor Day weekend!

--And thanks for all the comments on the last post!! Means a lot to me people :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

a new kid to read about

So there is another blogger that has a story to tell. He emailed me a bit ago and since then, we talk pretty frequently. He is a real chill guy with a lot to talk about. I don't want to spoil to much about him, but he's a great guy even though he isn't a fan of Drake (my favorite rapper). Im sure his blog will be sick to read so check him out: East Coast Closet Case. I cant wait for more posts