Monday, July 8, 2013

what i've been up to

its probably been the longest break i've taken from posting but i just really haven't felt the need or desire to write as much as i used to. i'll give a quick rundown and recap from the last time i posted to get back up to speed:

- back at school in the beginning of May, i ended up getting a 19/20 on my final paper for my MBA Business Ethics class in which i wrote about legalizing gay marriage. i also ended up with a 4.0 for undergrad classes this past semester (something i've never done before in college) then with an A and B for my two MBA classes.

- went home for the first two weeks of summer and got to chill with all my high school friends. it was especially awesome this time because my best guy friend from high school brought his girlfriend of almost a year back home and i havent hung out with him for more than 2 days in the past 3 years just because he has such shitty breaks for college basketball. but she was super chill and it was really cool that she was so open minded about everything and we all 3 talked a lot about life and stuff in general. i miss that guy though.

- moved to Nashville for the summer and currently living here with my older brother and his wife - though its more like living with my sister-in-law only because my brother is gone 5 days out of the week with his work but its awesome the times me and her have had so far. i was living here two summers ago but this time, i'm here doing an internship - working at a trust company here. not really a fan of my internship though. its similar to last years because i'm working in operations when i want to work on the administration side. i'm kind of just doing bitch office work and i scan papers into the system all day. the positives of my job is that i get to listen to my music all day while i work and they are super lenient on work days which is nice. but still, wish i had a better internship.

- got to hang with Average Gay Dude for a bit when he stopped by in Nashville with his brother on his cross-country road trip. we went to a concert in a dive-bar type of place which i really enjoyed. the music was pretty solid though it wasn't my normal tunes i listen to. then we just walked around downtown and hung out talking for hours.

- Robbie Rogers made his debut for LA Galaxy which was a historic step for American sports and even sports worldwide. in my opinion, he really hasn't shown much and LA Galaxy has really suffered from the trade in which they sent Mike Magee to the Chicago Fire. but still, im fuckin pumped he is with a team and actually getting some minutes!

- went to the Pride parade here in Nashville with my sister-in-law. it was my first one ever to attend and it was decent. i would of thought more people would of showed since Nashville seems pretty liberal in general. i just liked the atmosphere of people being themselves. the coolest thing i saw was a couple hours later after we left the parade and went to dinner at a local burrito place - we saw a couple with their two kids (i'm assuming they were married and they were each other kids) but the kids had rainbow beads and face paintings and the parents had legalize gay shirts on. to see a hetero couple take their kids who were in elementary school to a pride parade, thats fuckin dope and mad props to that couple.

- DOMA and Prop 8 got struck down which is pretty dope.

- went to a gay bar here in Nashville with my sister-in-law. it was a really good time. nothing like the 2 previous gay bars i've been too. this one had legit music and a pretty good drag show and had a shit ton of people there. much better looking crowd as well. one got wanted my number so i gave it to him but i didnt respond the next day when he texted me. really wasnt my type and i did feel kind of bad.

- just got back from home for the 4th. was good seeing the fam again and hangin with my dog since i wont be back there until Christmas break.

- movies - watched August which is a gay movie on Netflix and it was pretty good. decent looking guys which def helps the movie. i would say check it out if you are looking for a gay movie. also re-watched Milk on my flight to/from home. such a solid movie and i get goose-gumps several times throughout the movie. its awesome what Harvey Milk accomplished in such a short time.
- music - there has been some solid music out lately that i've been vibin too... J. Cole's Born Sinner cd is solid, Jay-Z dropped the Magna Carta Holy Grail, Chance the Rapper released Acid Drip, Wale has The Gifted, and Kanye West released Yeezus. all pretty different sounds of rap but ive grown to like each one. if yall lookin for a listen, type the cd name then full into youtube and the whole cd comes up....also a kid posted this on facebook tonight - an out, gay country singer, Steve Grand. here is a song called American Boy which i didnt really listen to much but the vid is prettttyyy solid haha
- painting - i also picked up painting while i've been here in Nashville. i got inspired by seeing a painting done by Brek Shea, who is a soccer player for Stoke City in England, but i wanted to recreate it which i made my own version of. and then i ended up doing one for each family memeber and have done 7 total. (i did do one for my sister and her fiance but i guess i dont have a pic of it) let me know what yall think!

did this one for my Dad since he was born in England

did this one for my lil bro - it's the lion of Chelsea, his
favorite soccer team

 did this for me

did this for me also
did this for me as well

did this one for my mom 

here are pics of my cute pup - though we just
 found out today she tore her meniscus 
 she was laying out with my sister

 doing some computer work

 tired from playing so much

me at the driving range

 from the Nashville pride parade

 drag at Pride

celebrating 25 years of Pride in Nashville

such a good quote i found walking the city

the last 3 were drag shows at the gay bar called Play

well, i hope everyone is doing great. bed time for me since i will be waking up at 5:30 to lift before work. take it easy.