Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter break

Its not gonna be anything exciting cause Im stayin at school. I wanted to go home so bad but its not really worth it just cause we only got today off so travelin all the way back home didnt seem cost worthy. Last night we did a movie night and watched John Q then Robing Hood and the Men in Tights. Both solid ass movies. Never seen John Q before but it was sooo sick. If you havent seen it, check it out. As for Robin Hood, its a classic for me. Made in 1993 and I was still cracking up watching it. I havent seen it in years and my roommates never saw it so I recommended it and they liked it.

Today havent really done much. Woke up this morning to go to the track for a workout then after went to the gym for a lift. Now that soccer is done, I got to keep in shape for the summer. Only got 3 class days left then finals start. Its coming down to crunch time cause I have a 6 pg paper due Tuesday then a 7 pg paper due Wednesday then some shit for accounting due Wednesday. Its gonna super stressful this coming week. Im just trying to stay positive cause summer is soooo close haha

Well thats about it, just straight chillin right now. Might post again soon with some thoughts about gay stuff that I have been meaning to write about

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Answers

Here are some answers to the few questions I got...

Have you told or has anyone found out you are Gay and as a result caused you problems?
- I have only told 9 people so far and by tellin them, nothing has come from it. They all treat me the same and act like Im no different. No one outside of who I told has found out, (or at least I dont think) haha. So no problems at all from my friends that I've told.

Top or bottom? Pole smoker or pole smokee?
-Uhhhh hahaha I dont know. Haven't done either so not sure what I would do. I feel like being a bottom would hurt at first so not sure if I would like that. I wouldnt mind trying with the right person though so I guess not really a for sure answer to this question.

Would you like you if you met you? 
 -I honestly think I would. I think I have a chill personality and easy to get along with. I have a good amount of friends so I must be doing something right lol

What is the personal and/or professional quality you appreciate most in a coach and why? In a soccer referee/official and why?  
-Hmmm very good question here but in a coach, someone who is honest and motivates his players in order to get more out of them. The coach needs to know when to be stern and know when to ease up. I love a coach who is automatically demands respect just in how to holds himself. As for a ref, just someone who has a personal attitude and they can talk to the players to have them understand their calls and isnt a dick who thinks he is the star of the game. A lot of refs like to take the spotlight and its stupid since they are such a small piece in the game.

Several times you have written about how your teammates and friends use gay slurs and voice homophobia. Now that you have come out to one of your teammates-does he react against it now? Does he understand how you feel when they use words like that?
Also, do your coaches ever say anything about it when your teammates say something homophobic in front of them? 
-My teammate that knows doesnt say anything mainly because I dont say anything I think. When my teammates say stuff like that, it doesnt necessarily hurt me but just annoys me. They aren't saying it to hurt others and its more of a joking insult. And my coaches dont say anything. Sometimes they will say something as well but nothing like fag or anything just like in a scenario that looks gay (if that makes sense).

Thanks again to everyone who reads and that has been with me for so long. I really do appreciate all the comments and support I get from everyone on here!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mozel Tov!!

Naw Im not Jewish but my Uncle and newly wedded Aunt are. Went to their wedding in Charlotte this past weekend and it was pretty sick. There was for sure some awkward moments with old family I havent seen years. Like my Uncle and Aunt that lives in Ohio with their two cousins and it might of been my first time seeing my cousins but if it wasnt, then I saw them when they were babies cause now they are only 8 and 9. It was cool though seeing everyone though. There were so many people there though and barely new like a quarter of them just because of a lot people from their works and then my new aunts side was there. 

Center piece at our table. Almost every table had a different one.

We stayed downtown at a Westin that was crazy nice. It was perfect location too cause it was right in uptown. Saturday afternoon we walked to like a outside bar/restaurant area that was sick. I would love to live in Charlotte after being there for a weekend.

View from my moms, sister, and aunts room.

View from mine and lil bros room.

My Aunt from back home was with us the whole time and she asked me when "what the girl situation is" in from of my mom and sis and they both laughed and I just that there isnt any right now. My Aunt wondered why they laughed but they said something else. It was pretty funny when she asked, I kind of got nervous and felt like my face turned red (it does that very easily) but I guess she didnt notice anything.

Then at the wedding was a gay couple! It was kind of weird cause one of them was dancing everywhere!!! with everyone!!! He was doing like show dancing and was very gay acting and people just stared and laughed. He was having the best time and I was kind of envious just cause he didnt give a fuck what everyone else though. Just free and doin whatever. His partner was more conservative but they did dance together and were getting close on the slow songs (yes I stared a lot just cause I was curious). But my mom the next day was saying something about it and just was like, "I honestly dont care who you like or what you like, but that man last night was a little bit too much." I laughed and agreed but it was kind of weird. The man was very flamboyant and outthere but thats not me either. Its how he is and it wont change. Thats not how I am so I told her she didnt have to worry and I would never do anything like that.
It was a good weekend and everyone had a good time.

Also, new music! the first song is my jam right now

Monday, April 11, 2011

one year anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary of my blog!! (well technically 38 minutes was but whatever)

I went through and read some of my old posts. Was laughing at some of them but also thought its fuckin crazy how far I've come in only a year. I love where Im at and pretty content with it too. I dont feel the need to just go tell anyone who walks by. I guess a couple more teammates knowing couldnt hurt but Im not gonna force the issue.

Nothing too big has happened since my last post. This past weekend I was in Charlotte for my uncle's wedding and it was pretty sick. Im gonna post more about it later just cause Im tired and got a big day tomorrow. Its gonna be a rough 3 weeks cause school is coming to an end and I got a shit ton of stuff due :/

So in celebration of my one year (sounds like im married to this thing), yall can ask me questions. Just post a comment and I will try to answer them in a timely fashion in a post. I know I wont get many, possibly none but just thought I would let yall ask any since I've never done it before.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

sick concert

 The Venue

Went to the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert tonight and it was sickkkkk. It was in downtown Raleigh at an open ampitheater which was a real nice location. Sold out at 8000+ so there were a shit ton of people. I would say more than 3/4 were completely smashed and high as kites but I was completely sober. Got a game tomorrow so had to be disciplined :/ hahaha

 Wiz told all the pot smokers to put their lighters up...and almost everyone put a lighter up hahah

Started off a bad night cause half way there (its an hour drive to downtown), one of my teammates says he forgot his ticket. I was driving and 3 other teammates came so we thought it was an April fools joke but it wasnt. He completely serious unfortunately. So drove all the way back to get his ticket but we still made it on time so it was straight. 
There was some pre-band that played before Wiz and Mac but they werent too hot. We just walked around the venue instead and I got me a sick mac miller tshirt. Before Mac was about to come on, we went to the side of the stage and found some standing room where we stayed the whole night. It was a perfect spot cause we were pretty close to the stage and the tickets we had were near the back so we lucked out.

 Wiz killin itttt!!

Mac Miller Thumbs Upppp

Both performances were so sick and they both killed it. I probably liked Wiz more but it was close. I kind of wish he did more old songs cause he did most off his new album which was cool but his old shit is real nice.

This is "When I'm Gone" and off his new cd Rolling Papers. Its one of my favorite off the cd. Real chill and relaxing.

The Taylor Gang anthem!! "Taylor Gang" off his mixtape Cabin Fever

"Never Been" off of the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape

"No Sleep" off of Rolling Papers

"Black and Yellowww"

The only vid I got of Mac Miller. Its pretty blurry and the end of the song. This is "Donald Trump" off of his mixtape Best Day Ever 
So overall it was a good ass time and so glad I went. Now its time for and got to get ready for my game tomorrow