Saturday, April 17, 2010

what a great day

Today might of been one of the most productive Saturdays I have had at school so far. Normally its either little basketball game with some friends or just chilling all day but wasn't like that today. Woke up at 7:30 after going to bed at 3 yesterday, to go do community service. Our team did landscaping for houses that were being flipped to sell to lower income professionals like teachers, firefighters, police, etc. It was fun but sooooo hard. We had to plant trees and flowers in the ground which seemed to be concrete (not really but was hard to break). I got a whole body workout from doing this. After we were done the yards (did two) looked awesome. Had trees, flowers, and grass. That was the first time I have ever done landscaping like that but its cool how spending a couple hours working can transform the whole look of the house. And it felt good knowing it was going to benefit someone else (not just saying that, actually mean it) lol.

But after that, me and two teammates when to the golf course and played nine holes. Lets just say I am a bit rusty. I havent played in years due to a tragic golf accident lol When I was like nine (I think) I was at golf camp and we were driving to the first hole with the golf cart. And there was an overflow of kids on the cart and I was hanging on the edge with a weak grip. Well you can imagine what happened next. I fell off and scraped my face, my knees and basically my whole body. After that was my last time lol But today was a good day on the course (we walked to avoid injuries). My friends were really good and were teaching me how to swing again. Probably going to start golfing more often when I have time.

Then me and my roommate ordered some pizza for dinner. We just chilled and watched his favorite team play. Club America is his team but they lost :) lol And now just getting ready to go out to a party. The funny thing is there is this girl that is all over me and my room mate wants me to bring her back for him to watch us but thats not gonna happen. And he asked me what I had against pussy? lol I just laughed and said Im not into her but yall know the truth ;)

Well got to go and get crazzyyyy!! haha


  1. lol was she any hot at all? wuts she look like? i'll take her if u wont =P

  2. Club America is the eternal rival to my favorite team Las Chivas del Guadalajara. They also lost :( in their last game

  3. Haha she is alright, nothing special lol

    and I heard about the lost. My room mate stayed in last night to watch that game. Its okay, Arsenal lost to Wigan today! Now that's a heart breaker :(