Sunday, April 11, 2010

not sure

I am not the best writer and I don't really like English so its weird that I'm writing this.

So I am not to sure what to write besides what I do during the day. And since I havent done anything today, I dont have much to write lol Today are the days I love. Sunday is my complete relaxation day. I have been in bed all day besides when I went to lunch and get dinner. Me and my roommate played some xbox and that was my excercise for the day. The weekends are my days I get to sleep in. For soccer, we have practice at 7 am every morning so waking up at 6 am gets old fast. I use Saturday and Sunday to catch up on my lost sleep. I'm normally exhausted on the weekends from my long weeks with soccer and school.

Being on the soccer, doesn't allow much alone time. I'm always with a teammate, no matter where I am. My roommate is on the team as well and thats the person I spend most of my time with. We have had a lot of conversations talking about sex and stuff but I try to keep it about him. He is a relationship with someone back home and when there is a problem (which is frequent), I can tell and we talk about that. He always tries to get me to hook up with a girl here but I dont want it (for obvious reasons). When we go out and a girl hits on me, he always tries to get me to bring a girl back since he cant. He is trying to live his college life through me lol but I just say Im not in the mood for it tonight. Hanging around the guys all the time, they talk about hook ups and the girls they were with, when this happens I just listen and laugh. I think its funny all the stuff they say about with their hookups. Its normally the talk of the locker room when someone hooks up with a girl over the weekend.

Might be confusing following my thoughts but I will try straighten them out after a couple of posts


  1. Loving the blog so far. I can't imagine what it's like to have to share a room with another guy who doesn't know you're gay, especially one who likes to walk around naked- must be really tough!

  2. haha well it wouldn't be as bad if I was attracted to him or he was hot! but he is okay looking I guess lol