Saturday, April 28, 2012

i passed!

well i will officially starting grad school classes in the fall now! in order to get into my schools grad school program, I had to make a 450 and I barely squeaked by with a 480 haha. that test is pretty difficult since you cant use a calculator and its all math from 8th grade and high school (which during those years, I relied heavily on other people if you know what i mean haha) I basically just retaught myself all the math within a week before the test. Its been a pretty big ass weight lifted off my shoulder and we celebrated it very well.

the Wednesday night of when I passed, me and my roomy then my roomy for next all went to dinner then to see Think Like a Man. that movie was maddd funny. I fuckin love Kevin Hart and i think he is a great comedian and he is a decent actor. if you havent seen it, check it out even though its not the typical comedy. its a certain type of humor that me and my roomy love.

Thursday we out to a club as an end of the year celebration with the whole team. it was a real solid time. almost my whole team was there and there was a bunch of kids from school that were there as well. its a decent size club but it was packed wall to wall. kind of just posted up at this spot at the bar with my boys as girls came by. on the way back, we stopped at mcdonalds which is standard cause it taste soooo good when your drunk. got some nuggets then headed home. we got pulled over and it was my car but luckily didnt get a ticket. i wasnt driving but the kid was speeding and kind of talked the cop out of it.

Friday night we went to a gay club. it was somehting ive been meaning to do and i brought it up earlier in the week and the guys wanted to go so bad so we did. it was me, my roomy, my roomy for next year, then the senior on the team that knows, and the only girl at the school that knows (the girl that wanted the threesome with me and also who my roomy smashes all the time). it was a fun time but wasnt really what i was expecting. the place was big but not many people. maybe like 40 peolpe tops and they were all pretty old and very flamboyant. i got 2 numbers that night with the help of my friends being the wing-man. one was a guy and the other was a girl though haha. during the night, we saw the drag show and my friends were loving it! like the queen walked around the room as people gave money to him. so my friends like surrounded me and as the queen got close to me, like let him come to me and gave me money to give to him. got kissed twice on the cheek by two seperate queens haha overall it was a good time and i dont know about heading back though. my friends said they want to go next semester though

then saturday we kind of recovered and started studying cause right now is finals week. been pretty stressed out cause i had two tests yesterday and had one today which completely fucked me. it was estate tax and it was crazy hard. tomorrow i got money and banking then friday got philosophy of business. cant wait til friday though being done with school. also moving into my place for the summer which i start my internship monday! nerovous but excited about that

thats about it though...hope things are good with everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

a lil soccer update and a big goal

Not to much new as of lately besides being done with a very busy two weeks of school and training. Had so many tests and homework assignments all at once on top of doing 6 am workouts (because of punishment of teammates fuckin up) and our normal training/lifting schedule. Waking up so early then going to bed so late really takes a toll on the body. This past week I was sore and just exhausted the whole time.

This past weekend we had two games (kind of). During our spring season, we are only allowed 5 playing days for games due to NCAA rules and due to this, we schedule games where we double up and play shorter half's. Because of this, we normally play two 60-minute games instead of the full 90 minutes...This past weekend, we played two games against two D-1 opponents here in NC. The first game we played the team who won the national championship last semester and did pretty well against them. We lost 2-1 but it was kind of bullshit. I scored our goal (which was a pretty sick feeling scoring against the former national champs), then they scored like 10 minutes later off a freekick where our goalie just dropped the ball off a routine save. Then they scored with like 5 minutes left. It was a real even game and we only played 45 minutes total so I think we could of done better if we played longer. They said they only wanted to play 45 minutes cause they were short players when they had like 26 players with them and we only had 14 haha Our team is struggling with injuries and kids that left. The second game we tied 1-1. We were up 1-0 then the other team scored in the last 2 minutes to tie it. I guess overall it was a solid experience and took a lot from it. I was so sore yesterday though. (also I didnt get into any fights or get any cards which was solid)

And right now Im about to take a nap haha. Only 8:15 in the morning and about to pass out til noonish. Had our last 6am workout then got breakfast and dont have anything until 3 which is lifting. I only need to study for the GMAT which I set my test day for April 25th so just over a week (fuckin super nervous)

Monday, April 2, 2012

connecting the dots between bloggers

I've been debating to write about this or not but thought since its my blog and my personal journey and basically my journal, I might as well jot it down that way I can look back at it in the future...

So not sure if this is even supposed to be public or what not, but since it involved me somewhat in some manner, I'm gonna put my input in... Connecting the dots between Frat Star's weekly 'Frat Star Friday's' posting in Bi Like Me and my past with East Coast Closet Case, I could tell the hookup that is described in Frat Star's last post was between him and ECCC. I read this last Friday when he first posted it and thought about it to myself. I had a slight hesitation to think that this really couldn't be ECCC because the way he described his visit to Frat Star's local city was one that was average. I guess he made it seem like that to hide the fact that he hooked up with this dude. He told me how he brought his friends to Frat Star's place and said it was fun and I think that ECCC's friend that knows about him, made sure he didnt do anything with the guy being that she knew Frat Star's situation and how he is gay. Well clearly she either didn't do a good job of that or ECCC just didn't listen.

To be honest, I didn't care all that much. I mean me and ECCC aren't together and really aren't as close as what we used to be. I just think its funny how he tried to claim that I was already moving on by the other (joking) comments I put on other people's blogs but there he is fucking another blogger behind my back. (another thing I thought was funny was the linking to my blog in his posts to make me out to be the bad guy in the situation when I didnt do shit. this is just my personal view on it so might be wrong.) Then Friday night he texted me saying we needed to talk and I needed to call him. I knew what it was already about so I really didnt care to hear what he had to say. Maybe I should of given him a chance to explain his side but truthfully it doesnt fuckin matter what he has to say. He texted me saying it wasn't the whole story and he wanted to explain his side. I dont know what his side will do to persuade my thoughts about him but I doubt there is one.

Yeah I'm a nice guy and will do anything for almost anyone but when someone lies and then tries to confess to make things right, it really doesnt do much for me. Especially with someone I've trusted for a good amount of time like that. It's whatever though, I'm not even that mad, I just thought it was funny it was ironic like that...

On another note, had two games this past weekend and won both. First one 2-1 and second 3-0. Scored the first goal in both games and it was a sick header in the second game. Then I got a straight red card in the second half for punching a guy in his side. It was because he elbowed me after the play so I hit him and the ref saw but we both got reds. My coach was pretty heated though haha

And I'm going home Thursday for Easter which Im pretty pumped for. Since I wont be able to go home all summer, my mom got me a ticket to go home for Good Friday since we got that off