Sunday, February 20, 2011

same thing different day

So things have been pretty boring lately. Nothing big has happened and I've been doin the same stuff really. School and soccer have been keeping me super busy. And my mom sent my xbox up so that has been fillin the rest of my time. Been playin FIFA so much trying to get my rep up online and I have been pretty successful at that. 

Nothing has happened with the girl situation. She was fine in class but I went outlast night and saw her but she didnt talk to me. She gave me the fuck off look when she saw me so I mean I think things are done with that. Hopefully that doesnt affect the macro and english help I get :/ haha but naw, i really do feel bad for it. Im still debating whether or not I should tell her tonight. I dont want to lose a friend over my issue and not being able to be truthful about it. 

Spring break is coming up fast and I will be home in less than two weeks. I fuckin cant wait for that just so I can get back to civilization lol Im gonna be busy reffing soccer so I can make some money then I have to keep training as well cause the week I get back, we have our first spring season game. And over spring break, Im goin to Nashville to try out for a semi-pro team for the summer. Hopefully things go well for that cause then I would stay at my brothers place during the summer and probs have a good time there. If that doesnt work out, I might be goin to England to play over the summer. Its a small possibility but my mom called me asking if I would be interested and of course I am but a kid on my old team is trying to set up a trial with a team and asked if I would want to try and go. It would be fuckin insane if it worked out and I got to do that. 

Thats about it really. I put some new music up and the "Who Knows" song is pretty sick. Its been on repeat for the past couple of weeks. Well, take it easy everyone!

"And I always got drive, I gets where I'm goin even if I ain't got a ride."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

just everywhere right now

Things these past two weeks have been crazy. I have been constantly busy and just doing random stuff. Our coach keeps giving us stuff to do and takes up so much time. Like last night we had to go watch Invictus and then had a discussion about it then this morning we did community service. I really dont mind doing community service and I actually kind of enjoy it but its just been so much goin on right now.

Im so glad this week is over after having to deal with a macro-economics test which I know I did horribly on but im just happy its over. On top of all this, is training everyday which is getting harder each practice. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we do our fitness. Mondays are relatively easy then Wednesdays are the hardest and Friday is pretty hard as well. Wednesday we did 2x300 (yards), 4x200, 6x100, 8x50, and 10x20 then Friday we did 4 sets of 10x50. These are all timed as well so we if we dont make it under the time then we have to do more. On wednesday we didnt make a 300 so we did an extra one and on friday we didnt make one so we did an extra. This running is called sprint program which is supposed to help us with our recovery time. I guess its starting to help from doing it for about 3 weeks now but its getting old fast lol

Oh last weekend I went out for the first time this semester (lame I know but Ive been tired as shit this semester so I normally stay in and watch a movie or play Fifa lol) So went out Friday to my teammates place which was fun then Saturday went to this girls house that likes me. I really dont know if I should tell her its not gonna work out cause of the obvious reason but I feel like she is wanting me bad and her roommates are even tellin me to hookup with her. But she helps me with school stuff and I dont want that to effect things. Shallow I know but no lie she is the coolest girl at my school and I really like hangin with her but she is trying too hard to get attached. Back to the we ended up goin to another party and came back to her place with some other couples. There were 6 of us and all coupled so kind of weird. We just watched a movie and her fuckin dog ended up pissing on my jacket!! I was soooo heated. It was my new Polo puffy jacket I got for Christmas and I washed it the next day but it kind of ruined it. It did something to the puffy stuff on the inside of my jacket. It sucked and kind of ruined my buzz. THEN last night I go out again and ended back up at her place cause she was having a party. This time I took my 3 roommates cause she invited all of us and to try to avoid anything with her which didnt work cause she tried rapin me last night hahha jk but she got me in her room and locked the door, twice! I got out of the situation and didnt do anything with her but she was tryin soooo hard to get me to do stuff. I ended up leaving and sayin we were goin to another party but she kept callin me and askin for me to come back which I didnt do. I talked to my roommate who knows and wasnt sure what I should do. He said just talk to her and tell her that I dont want to ruin the relationship with doing stuff. I might just do that I guess.

Thats about it for now. It was a solid night last night and just woke up at 1:30 :/ its all good though and might go run or something. It feels real good outside and I need to take advantage of it...Things are good with my roommate btw. Idk but we started talking like nothing happened but he would just say that I was being quiet last week which was retarded cause I can tell when he is mad and he clearly was pissed at me lol its whatever now though.

Hope everyone is doing good! take it easy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i call this venting

So this is just a vent sesh. This past week has been super stressful and Im sooo glad its over. Just got in from a party and thought I would post whats on my mind.

First of all, I havent really talked to my roommate since Tuesday. I will finally name him and call him Chris. And Chris is the only person at my school that knows my lil secret. I think we might be a lil too competitive cause we got into an argument in training on tuesday and havent really spoken since. I have tried to talk to him but he just gives me short answers so Im at the point just to say fuck it. I know its kind of harsh of me but he forreal is being an ass and pissin me off. Its whatever though really and I dont mind too much. He can be a bit dramatic and I dont really want to deal with it right now. I really hate being late to things and if he is coming with, we typically are late. He takes so long to get ready and then he will get pissed if I leave. I dont really know but I will just give him space I guess.

I dont know what else to say. I was gonna post earlier before I went and before I drank but that didnt happen and I kind of forgot what I was gonna say...

This past week sucked cause I had a test today, and project due yesterday, and then we were supposed to make a jersey for this thing we do as a team and our coach said it was due wednesday but made it due by this coming wednesday. I guess i dont have to worry about it now but I was kind of pissed cause it took up some of my time this week. Im gonna post some pics of my jersey this weekend sometime. 

I really do appreciate all the comments on the chickfila subject. I read the article finally and was taken back by it. I decided im for sure gonna try to cut back on it. Maybe once a week if that. Im tryin to cut back on it anyways so it makes it more of a reason to stop eating there. I cant believe they do that shit though and it kind of pisses me off.

Last, here is a song that is real nice. Lupe Fiasco is coming out with a new cd soon and this is a song off it. It is perfect for anyone in the closet situtation and makes me want to tell everyone and get it over with but its not that easy. Especially the last verse is awesome!!

and I added some new music so take a listen to that as well...hope everyone is doin well!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my mom vs chickfila

So Chickfila has been in the news recently because of an anit-gay claim they have. I actually dont know the whole story but I just know they are not "accepting" of gay couples or something like that. I think I heard that a gay couple was not allowed to go on a company retreat because they were gay. Could be wrong about that but anyways, Chickfila doesnt like gay people is what it is.

And I have said a couple times here that Chickfila is my favorite place to eat! I know its contradictory to my sexual orientation but they make the best fuckin chicken sandwich! haha So my mom called me yesterday and I was like "should I sign the petition?" I had no idea what she was talking about at first but she filled me in. She told me there are petitions going around to get the food company kicked off of campuses because of this. Students are upset with Chickfilas' beliefs and feel they shouldnt be able to serve food on their campuses. I started laughing when she said she would sign it and it also felt pretty good knowing she would stand up for "my kind." haha

She again called me tonight telling me she was #4997 to sign a petition for  a college in Florida. They just need 5000 so she was just in time. Annddd the funny thing was, when she called me, I happened to be in Chickfila :/ She kind of got mad at me and questioned me why I still eat there. I mean I know they dont like gay people but Im not gonna starve myself because of it. Society in general isnt to fond of gays but we are still living our day to day life. Am I wrong? I might cut back from eating there but Im not sure I can cut it out completely. I might die! haha

Anyways, just was cool to see my mom actually cared about that and has the gay community in mind now.