Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the west coast is the best coast

since my last post, a lot has changed; i've graduated with an undergraduate and master degree, i've moved across country, i've started my first job in the corporate world, and on top of everything,  i'm absolutely loving the west coast. it took a while getting settled into my new spot but it is all complete and i couldn't be happier. a quick 3 minute walk to the beach or a 5 minute walk to the bars isn't something i can complain about.

on the downside, i dont have any exciting hookup stories to talk about. living alone, i should of probably put myself out there a bit more than i have but i'm just too conservative. the first 6 weeks while being out here, my best friend (the basketball player), was in a city about 20 minutes away training before finding a team to play overseas so every weekend and almost all weeknights, i kicked it with him and his wife. had some awesome times and it was good to spend time with him since it's been so long. then the week after they left, my whole fam came out here for the 4th. it was a blast showing them around and doing the tourist stuff in the city.

this past weekend, i went to San Diego Pride which was cool - missed the parade but did make it to the festival which was cool. its awesome seeing gay people just being themselves even though some of the actions/dress might be a bit extravagant haha i stayed with an old teammate that lives there and he actually lives with two gay guys. the two gays were awesome and very different. one was feminine and acted (and looked) like Cam from Modern Family while the other was a black guy who was very masculine and isn't out to his family back home. it was an interesting dynamic with them being so different but it was a good time. i'll def make the trip back there soon.

thats about it for now. hope everyone is doing well. below are some pics for yall to enjoy.

 the bike path i could take to work.
 everyone here rides singled speed bikes aka fixies - so had to get one. this one is mine. 
 went to my first major league game ever - Dodger Stadium
 thought it was a cool shot - night and day together.
 my favorite trees now.