Monday, January 17, 2011

spring training :/


Tomorrow we start our spring training and its going to blooowww!! We have lifting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and now we have fitness at 7 am everyday. This week we have fitness tests everyday. We do a 3-mile loop around our school, beep test, then two others tests that our coach made up. They all suck and are fucking killer. Im not looking forward to it and I have been dreading this shit since I got out for Christmas break lol

Not much is new other than that really. Pretty routine stuff since classes started. Havent told anyone else and not sure if I will. I guess thats about it and hope everyone is doing good!

ps-if you havent seen Easy A, you should! that movie was pretty hilarious! saw it twice within the week

(New songs are up)


Well now my dad knows. He just called me to see what I was up to like every other time he calls me. We talk about once or twice a week while at school just because he doesnt like to bug me like my mom does calling me twice a day. But he asked me about the letter I wrote my mom and asked me some typical questions to see if I would stay like this. He said it was a huge shock and he found out a couple days ago but wanted to take a couple of days to think about it. In the end he said he still loved me and it wouldnt change how we are towards each other and how he would treat me. I would be treated and loved the same as the other kids in the family. I started crying when he told me that and he asked why I was. I wasnt really sure why I was either and I tried to stop but it was hard too. It wasnt like balling or anything but just a simple cry lol. (dont want to sound like a bitch or something). Im glad he knows now and I was actually gonna tell him pretty soon. Now I dont have too thankfully.

Thats about it and now getting back to wining about fitness in the morning :(


  1. Check out this new song, Fucking Perfect

  2. Ok, now I first comment makes me sound like an ass.

  3. Cash- hahahahahahaha thats cause you are an ass haha naw its all good. the call caught by a HUGE surprise and threw me off so i thought i would put it on here since at first i said nothing was new lol

    Anonymous-Solid song. I like it! not much of a pink fan but it is pretty good

  4. sweet man that's sick news. good for you and good luck with training! love the new songs, good to have some fresh ones once and a while

  5. I can understand the crying. you heard your dad say nothing was gonna change. It had to be a huge relief for you since you were kinda scared to tell him. Oh and crying dont make you a bitch....acting like an ass makes you a bitch....thats not you bro.

  6. All that holiday eating is about to bite you in the butt come tommorow morning. Good luck dog, you got this!!

    Well thanks to you I saw Easy A twice this past week as well and couldn't be happier. What isn't there to love about a fantasy like high school filled with gay guys, hot teachers, hot 22 y/o students and backstabbing bitches.

    That's awesome, it sounds like your dad is taking it well so far; considering the brief amount of time he's had to soak in the news. Congrats man! That's got to be a huge reieif that both you're parents know now. You're dad sounds like a cool guy.

    Later man

  7. TB-Thanks man and ya, had to change the songs up make them fresh again.

    Chris Pack- Ya that is true. It was a huge relief to have him know now. Its kind of weird cause it doesnt feel like it but I guess its just because Im not back home with him where it could be awkward. I guess I will have to wait until summer to see how it goes. And ya I aint no ass haha (neither is cash if you meant that lol he commented before the update and thats why he said that) lol

    AGD- haha ya it will bite me hard!! but same with all my teammates so it should be straight. And its a solid movie and you are watching it again haha. Im so happy he took it how he did. It was a huge surprise that he asked me about it but super glad he did. He is a good guy though haha

  8. Congratulations man! You seem to have a very great parents and friends and good luck with all the rest! Greetings.

  9. I think it is great! Gook luck with basic training.. Which service did you join ;-)

  10. And you thought your dad would be crushed. As kids we tend to not give our parents enough credit. Hope training didn't kick your ass too much.

  11. I'm glad it went so well with your Dad. Good for you!

  12. Good on you man; the "worst" is over - the parents. You must be so relieved and I bet your training will be a breeze with your head clearer. Dave

  13. Socrkid: Yay about telling your dad and getting his love and support! Maybe you need to write him a letter too? What a relief! Now you can concentrate on just being you.

  14. Wow dat's da coolest thing eva of u by telling ur dad. I wish i have dat kind of courage like u. Keep up da good work !

    p/s: already downloaded Easy A but still not watch it. Haha. Do u watch The Big Bang Theory? I AM A HUGE FAN OF SHELDON ! LOL

  15. Erick-Thanks man! yeah im super blessed to have such great family and friends

    Drew-Thanks! fitness went well but i dont think i joined a service. it sure did feel like it though haha

    GND- yeah his reaction for sure surprised me but glad it went that way.

    Zephy-Thanks man!

    Hotbodz-I really am so relieved. So glad he took it well. And I wouldnt say it was a breeze lol

    FoC-haha thanks man! but ya i think Im gonna right him a letter saying thanks for the support. he is such a good dad!

    Azam Baizan-Thanks man! but very nice, you NEED to watch it! haha tell me how you like it! but no I havent seen that show. My friends love it though!