Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back to school

Got back to campus today and have been bored out of my minddddd!! Classes were supposed to start tomorrow but due to weather, they were canceled. I'm not complaining but it just pushed my schedule back a day. I was originally goin to unpack then go register for my other classes. But instead, I finished packing around 4 and haven't done shit since lol. I don't have a car on campus and neither do my teammates so I ate chickfila twice today, once for lunch and then again for dinner. Don't really mind that either cause that's my favorite restaurant. And if you haven't had it, you haven't lived. Its seriously so bomb!

Been sitting on facebook and twitter for hours so I thought I would do a post. I did a lil photo-shoot in my room tonight cause I have been so fucking bored and thought I would show you some things that are important to me...

 This is my desk with my TV, my mac and my speakers. All used daily! (notice the Arsenal background on my mac. greatest soccer team everrrr)

           My headphones: Got the studio beats a while ago and my mom just got me the iBeats a couple days ago. Both are so sick and I love them.
 My new watch. Got it for $10 and it was originally $50 so I had to get it. lol

Some of my nike's lol. I have a good amount of shoes and I love nike's. This are just the ones I wear the most.

Had to do a close up of these. My mom was super pissed when I got these though. Mainly cause I have too many shoes but also because they are pink and light blue and she was saying they are so gay hahahah looks like they were a good fit for me :) 

So those are some things that are important to me in my room. Glad I decided to do this post because it occupied my time for about an hour lol Now I will just go to bed. Hope yall enjoyed!
And thanks everyone for the comments! I really do appreciate them all and I love logging on and reading them. I hope my blog helps others out there that are going through the same things I am. 
Later everyone!

ps-also added The Premier League Table to the right just so yall can stay up to date with Arsenal who are third at the moment but will be in first soon ;) haha


  1. Welcome back to school Soccer Kid. The last shoe picture really looks Gay, but it's OK at least it fits you.

    Just want to ask, are you in UK? Because all the while, I was thinking you were in the US. Soccer is not that popular in the US compared to basketball.

  2. "I ate chickfila twice today, once for lunch and then again for dinner. Don't really mind that either cause that's my favorite restaurant. And if you haven't had it, you haven't lived. Its seriously so bomb!" <---Bahahahaha!! you crack me up. It's seriously a restaurant that just conviently happens to have a drivethru window.
    Chikfila twice in one day!? I swear you're going to transform into a chicken one of these days.
    Dude I'm digging the pictures! Im super jealous of all your sneakers and the new ones are tight. I never buy white shoes b/c I always find a way to make them dirty as hell but there cool, I like em.
    Good luck with Spring Semester my OG! :)

  3. James- haha the shoe is sick though. fell in love with it instantly haha but I am in the US and go to school in North Carolina. You're right, soccer isnt very popular but its growing. I wish I was in the UK though to play soccer, maybe someday :)

  4. Average-hahahaha my mom is still tellin me I might change into one but shit, i wouldnt mind haha but thanks man. and ya, i only wore the white ones with the pink once and i got a lil black mark on the left shoe. i was sooo heated!! And good luck on your semester kid!

  5. omg, you are actually real. this blows my mind.

  6. I don't know how you can be bored with all that great stuff you have. I would die to have a TV or a Mac like that. And about your tennis shoes, I don't think they look gay at all!
    These (all of them), on the other hand, do. I wouldn't dare to wear them! Hahaha.

  7. You have a lot more free time because you're not worried about telling your family and friends. You have others to tell but, the weight off your shoulders from telling who you did is well deserved. What you did is huge and you deserve the time off. No more worrying, your friends and family are there for you.

  8. I am happy to read your blog and see how well things are going. Good luck with your courses this semester and keep blogging!!

  9. Sweet kicks man. I am a big puma and adidas guy and sweet TV. The TV in my room still has a built in VCR in the bottom so it is no where near as nice as yours. Anyways enjoy your semester. I can't believe my last one just started. Shoot me an e-mail sometime man.

  10. dccised- haha you think im fake or something?! lol im 100% authentic

    erick- i know im blessed to have my stuff, but sittin in front of it for 6 hours straight is not fun :/ and not gonna lie, i like the blue ones hahaha

    potvin- very true. even though im thinkin about tellin my teammates...not sure if i will though but i havent been thinkin about it too much

    drew- thanks man! im glad you enjoy my blog and i will keep bloggin!

    GND- thanks! i like puma and adidas too, just dont have many. but your so lucky your almost done! not cool man hah

  11. Socrkid: Thanks for givings us a little peek at your dorm life. Pink Nikes? Haha! That is soooo gay but hey it matches you -- you are now poster boy for all the gay athletes. Kick those S8 asses!

  12. Nike?!?!? Nike?!?!?! Nooooooo!
    Adidas and Puma are the only kicks to wear! lol
    it's good to hear that your coming out is going so well. :-)

  13. soooo gay lol jk I like them for sure. great post, love all the pics! and omg u got dre beats... pretty jealous

  14. FoC- haha i had to get them when i saw them. i love different shoes and i knew no one else would have them so had to do it lol.

    D- NIKEEEE alll the way!! haha but thanks man! couldnt of gone any better so far

    TB-hahaha they are very gay but its all goody lol but ya dude, they are fuckin sickkk. i got the studio ones my senior year from a friend for a reallll good price and take them on every road trip

  15. hey i love arsenal. been there too ! nice post neway. hee

  16. Azam- your a good man then! haha I have been there too but only to the stadium, didnt get to see a game but just being there was awesome! thanks for reading!