Friday, January 21, 2011

solid first full week

The first full week of school for this semester has been a pretty good one. Classes werent too bad and Im alive from the fitness tests haha. Thankfully we are done with the testing but now we just have fitness every morning. Im just glad its not timed or whatever, I hate racing against the clock! And it feels sooooo good to be back playing. After the fitness tests, we would do ball work for about 30 then end up playing. I was doin work too! haha Yesterday and today my team won so I was happy with that and I put some goals away. Hopefully this spring season is a good one for me.

Not much else has happened. Super glad my dad knows. I havent talked to him since but we dont talk to much while Im at school, he likes to give me my space. Think Im gonna ask my mom if I should tell my brother tonight. Even if she says no, I probably will still tell him. I just want to get that over with and be done with telling family members.

This song right here is my jam! Its been on repeat for the last 2 weeks. Im not really a T.I. fan but his new cd, No Mercy, goes so harddd! Not sure if it yalls type of music but its like motivation for me and it calms me down at the same time. It was my first song I had on my playlist this morning while running our 3 mile.

(just pause the uptop playlist if your trying to listen)

Thats about it. I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Socrkid: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst served you well for your coming out. Now that you can look back, did you really have to worry as much as you did?

    You still should expect some adjustments as things sink in and your gay life becomes real, like when the 1st time you bring a guy home for everyone to meet, the first time you experience disappointment with gay life and turn to family for support, etc. But you should do OK, you got the backing of family and friends.

  2. nice man! great tunes. hey... arsenal is still number #2... you promised us top spot ;)

  3. sup man found your blog, really good we have a lot of things in commom broskie have been reading your blog from the start your blog is deff one of my favorites because its so real man n i also like how you dont need to put pictures up of hot guys just to get people to look at your blog..,i have also recently started my blog man would be great man if you could put my link on here ur blogg,sry i had to put it as a comment,,,,would had send it on an email, but couldnt find it on here ,,holla braw

  4. FoC-that really did happen but im glad it turned out how it has. im glad i came out when i did and didnt wait any longer. not sure i would of wanted to come out any earlier really though. and bring a guy home?!! thats years from now hahaha but ya there will be some adjustments for sure

    TB- well i did promise by this week!! (or at least i dont think so haha) just hopefully by the end of the season!!

    James-thanks man! ya i feel like a lot of guys go through the same things and its awesome to hear other relate so well. but for sure man, i dont mind at all!