Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the new me

 Update-just some new jams

Well over the past year, I have for sure changed. The most obvious is that I have (somewhat) come to terms with my lil secret and have told some family and close friends. There really isn't much else I can do with that besides just do me. Now instead of focusing on that, Im trying to better myself by taking it to the next level in soccer, school, and just me.

I watched an ESPN documentary the other day on Tim Tebow called "Between the Lines" (I think lol). Some sports fans might not like him and hate him for the way he is as a player, since Im not too big of a football fan, I could care less about it. But this documentary caught my eye because it showed his lead up to the draft from his last college game. It was basically a time-line of his work and practicing in order to get drafted. I had NO idea how much this guy works at his sport. I feel like I should do the same. Its something I love and its the thing that lets me be me. So I have started doing extra things on my own to take me to that next level. Im not necessarily trying to get drafted for the MLS or anything, but playing professional after college would be sick as fuck. I really just want to do my part and help my team become something big. Get our name on the map. Im just trying to make the difference...

I know this has nothing to do with anything but thought I would write about it. If you love something, work for it. You can do anything you put your mind too. Cliche I know, but I honestly feel this is the truth.

This poster is right above my desk that Im at everyday. I know its soccer related, but you can relate it to anything.  Its just a reminder for me to make the difference...


  1. Cliched, yes, but true, yes. Dedication (and a little bit of luck) is what seperates those attain greatness from everyone else. Best of luck dude; I'm sure you'll go far.

  2. What you have done by coming out has allowed you to use the energy you used in a negative way (stress of the closet) for other more positive purposes. I think it freed you up so to speak. Good luck..

  3. Socrkid: Strive to be the best you can in whatever you do. Maybe now you can focus on being happy, go out on dates, meet guys, etc.

  4. RJ-very true about the luck but thanks man! hopefully i do haha

    Drew-it really has. it doesnt consume my everyday thinking and it has pushed me to better as a person and as a soccer player

    FoC-I dont know about all that haha but that will come with time. only one person knows here at school so still cant date or talk about guys

  5. It's good to have something that you are so passionate about. To do extra work beyond all the hours that you must have to put into soccer shows your dedication.

  6. We only reach goals that we set in the first place, right? good stuff man I like it. and ur pic is my new background!

  7. GandP-Ya Im just trying to help my team out and do my part. Also want to get myself better as a player

    TB-No doubt man! got strive for something. and thast whatsup, love reading that poster