Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a lil bit of everything

First off, I was start out by saying THANKS to everyone who comments on my blog. I know I don't respond to all of them, but I do read them and take all the info to heart. The things that have been said to me over the past couple of months have helped me tremendously. I love checking out what everyone says and it feels so good to see all the comments. So thank you all very much!!!!

I guess I will just update about what all has gone on over my break. Its been good and Im really not looking forward to going back to school. Mainly because of spring training and Im gonna be fucked since I havent been doing all the running I was supposed to do. So...

Things were kind of crazy and hectic over the break. My older brother was home, and my sister is now living at home so all us kids were home. My older brother and sister dont get along and my little brother and sister dont get along. The common thing is my sister is hard to get along with. She can be such a bitch some times. It pisses me off when she acts like it cause its so unnecessary. She feels like us guys in the house like gang up on here and then she just doesnt want to do anything with the family and doesnt respond to people when she is asked something. My dad tries to protect her cause she is the only girl in the family but my mom gets annoyed with it too. So that typically starts an argument. Then there is my older brother who thinks he is God's gift to earth and just knows everything. He is an ass and just only wants to do his thing. He is the one who normally starts the arguments in the house. He left about a week ago so since then, things have been pretty quiet. (sorry about the awful writing)

So me being home and pretty horny like usual. I put up an ad on craigslist. This was my first time to do it but it was pretty cool and it worked out nicely. A guy like 10 minutes from my house responded so we chatted a couple days then decided to meet up. He asked me over to his place so I went over there at night and when I got there, he had a football game on tv. We sat there watching for a bit then he asked if I wanted to get comfortable in his room. So we made our way to his room and started to do our thing. Not gonna go into detail but we didn't do anything crazy but just the basics. We both had a good time and then parted ways. 

The whole gay situation:
So my mom has been asking me some questions and stuff about being gay but its mostly like if I will ever somehow find a girl later on. I keep telling her probably not but I just dont think she understands its not really a choice. I mean if I could find a way to be attracted to pussy, I would!! but its not that easy. It would be a lot easier and less stressful if it was a choice. I'm gettin to the point of not really caring anymore what others think and I might tell my good friends while I'm home. I mean if they are going to know later on, why not now? But also during my talk, I told my mom about my blog. It was kind of weird telling her I write about my life but the only reason I told her is because she tells me to do "soul searching" as in try to find a way to be straight. So I told her I have been thinking about this for a long ass time and have contemplated not to tell anyone and just lie about it all but there is no point. I am who I am so its not gonna change. I told her I talk to some guys in the same situation on the regular and I have met up with a guy in Florida and she was like freaking out but I just told her we talked about our situations. She was tearing up during the talk and I felt bad but Im not a bad person because of this. I told her Im still the same kid and she agreed and said she still loves me so that felt good. I think she will come around to it and understand but its just gonna take awhile. She also asked if I cross dress and I said no way and she was relieved by that lol.

New Years:
For New Years Eve, I ended up going to a lakehouse of some kid I didnt know. It was a crazy good time and it got a lil out of control. There were about 30 something kids and just completely hammered. I knew most people and knew the rest of them by the end of the night. With alcohol in the system, I become pretty social. I dont get out of control though, I handle myself.  I took some pictures of what the place looked like in the morning and thought I would post them. So here are some pics and the broken table was a bp table but it got destroyed for some reason lol

There you go guys, hope everything is well for all the readers. Sorry about the length and the bad writing, I just wanted to get this stuff out. And I might be doing the pic thing from now on, I kind of like it.


  1. you in heels... hmmm nahhhhh lol. keystone light is not beer :) As usual, love readin these!

  2. Judging by those pics I'd say little out of control might be a little bit of an understatement...haha.

  3. Looks like your new years was close to mine. Just add me passed out in the corner under a blanket half my size at about 3 am and you have it covered.

    I hear you about the family drama man, I have a sister that is such a bitch sometimes I can't stand to be in the room with her. And with your mom just give her time, hopefully she will come to understand you like your readers have.

  4. aww i need to read tghis more have done the criagslist thing before there are def some stalkers glad you found a ok guy and glad your new years went well by the looks of it Love<~peter~>

    p.s. its good having a cool mom even if they want something esle

  5. Have you thought about telling yur Mom about PFLAG? She has lots of misconceptions about what being gay is, and they could help her with that. Or does she know anyone who is older and out that she can talk to? She seems to be struggling a little trying to reconcile what she thinks she knows about gays and you, her son, who doesn't fit any of her stereotypes. She can email me if she wants. She's probably about my age anyway, LOL.

  6. TB- fuck you! haha jp its cheap hahahaha thats how us cheap college kids do it in america! you got to come down to a party and see!!

    RJ- ya i mean, kids got a lil carried away but im just glad it wasnt my house lol hope you had a good new years bud!

    Guy Next Door- haha well we were all like passed out with blankets but not until 6! fuckin kids wouldnt go to sleep. i was tryin to fall asleep earlier but kids were still crackin beers open at 4!!

    Love-ya, there are some major creeps on there. thats why i was so sketchy to do it. I hope you had a good new years as well!!

    G&P- I havent but my friend sent me some info and I was thinking about letting her read it but not sure. Might be weird for her reading it. She doesnt know anyone who is gay (i dont think at least) but we have been talking about it a lot lately!