Saturday, January 29, 2011

me and the ball

(Pic taken today at the field)

Went to the field today by myself just to juggle and do some running. Got some things done and felt good to get outside with the weather we had today. I seriously could stay at the field all day, its so peaceful being just me and my ball. Everything is so right and I don't have to worry about anything in the world. Its kind of like my freedom I wish I always had. 

After being out there for over an hour by myself, the new kid from Panama on our team came out there to shoot. He just came this semester and is pretty shy. We passed and did some shooting then I sat down and did some abs while he continued to shoot. After about 15 minutes, he sat down and we just started talking about life. About what we want to do after school and whats life like back home for him. He said some things that kind of made me think. First, you got to appreciate everything we have in this country. He was saying that people who play professional soccer back there have side jobs like driving cabs and stuff. Could you even imagine if Brett Favre picked you up to take you to the next block over! He said people there are treated with no respect and its just a different world. The kid is from Panama City which is the capital so its not like a small slum or anything. He said its just a different world really. He already loves it here and wants to get an education and hopefully make it professionally. He said he took a risk to come here in order to follow his dreams and he was saying that you have to take risks in order to succeed. I couldn't agree more with what he was saying. It was really cool to just talk with him for the first time and see what he had to say. We talked about religion, family, soccer, just a bunch of random stuff. I love talking to people about their background and getting to know people more than just the basic stuff. Everyone has their own story to tell I think.  

This song is so sick! If anything, just listen to the first 23 seconds.

To Dream is to Live Life to its Full Potential


  1. At first glance I couldn't tell if that picture was you're shadow against a wall or snow on the ground. I still can't figure it out lol

    You sound so much more driven now! I guess all the stress of being in the closet has turned into self-discipline and desire to achieve what you love doing. I'm loving you're new personality and outlook on life.

    This song is tight. Iv'e never heard it but the beat is sick.

    Nice quote too! I love that quote :)

  2. Was this kid poor? I don't mean to disrespect, but i am from Colombia, we share boarders, and the situation you're describing sounds a bit... estrange, Soccer stars, better FOOTBALL stars are hugely respected here, and are celebrities, they don't have side jobs... I don't know, Panamá is not a poor country, you could ask this kid what was he talking about, maybe a name??

  3. AGD- its grass lol just very dead grass cause the cold weather but it was like 55 today so it felt pretty good outside. But ya, your exactly right! it has made me want to achieve more

    TB-Good stuff :)

    JuanSe- No I dont think he is. He told me he went to private school and it was pretty expensive for him to go so I dont think he is. But ya, he was saying the players in Panama are not treated with respect and get like $300 a month so they have to work side jobs. Thats one of the main reasons he wanted to come to the US in order to make it professionally here. He said the players were good as well its just professional over there wasnt that big

  4. socrkid: You went to school to get an education and opportunities -- what it's doing for you is preparing you for life because you have matured so much in just this last 12 months. Keep your focus on your goals (hey I made a soccer pun!) and enjoy life.

    You don't need to live in the shadows anymore.