Monday, January 24, 2011

another down

Well I told my brother last night and it went well. I did the email thing again. I feel like a bitch for doing it that way but I honestly couldnt tell him over the phone and not sure when I will see him next. He lives in Nashville and does his own thing there. He replied back saying it didnt matter and wanted to know when I play in the spring so he could come out and watch. And that I can stay at his place over the summer if I decide to play in Nashville for a team. So pretty happy it went that way and glad I finally got it over with! haha

But thats about it really. Gonna try to post again tomorrow on my new attitude thing I got going on lol 

later kids


  1. Congrats man. Doing this on your own schedule seems extremely favorable to the situation I just found myself in. Have a good one man and thanks again for the note.

  2. Sounds like a 1st and Goal to me. Congrats, kid. (<<<<<see that works cuz I'm older than you)

  3. Big congrats! I definitely think the email thing is the way to go sometimes so don't feel bad about it - it's easier for you and easier for whoever you tell because it gives them time to respond the way they really want to. Keep up the good work!

  4. I am very happy for you. You have faced your demons and starred them down. You should be proud of yourself!!!

  5. Yay, Congrats! It must feel amazing now that you have telling the family out of way!
    New attitude? I'm excited to hear about this.

  6. Socrkid: :-) You are my hero.

  7. GND- Thanks man! I hope your situation is getting better!!

    Cash-haha i didnt even think of it like that but it sounds like i was talkin about football but it did go well. anddd it works no matter what haha

    Gay Traveller-Thanks! and ya the email thing has done magic for me. i think it helps to explain things without gettin nervous and stuff and gives them time to respond as well.

    Drew-thanks man! ya im pretty proud of how far i have come. pretty crazy to think about it lol

    AGD- thanks kid! im so glad i got it over with. i guess i still do my my lil bro to tell but thats gonna have to wait

    FoC- hahah i wouldnt go that far ha