Wednesday, September 28, 2011

its one of those nights

Tonight is one of the nights where I had someone to hang with. Just talk, watch a movie, play fifa, or even sit there in silence would be fine. Its just knowing that he is there when I need him.

I just wrote a post then completely deleted it cause of how pissed I am. It was some venting of my game tonight and it made me sound like a complete dick. Tonight is a night where I wish I didnt play soccer. Thats hard to say but right now, I wish I was living the care-free college life.

Dont know what else to say. I want to write stuff down but I have so many thoughts goin on right now.

ps-awesome responses to the last post (those actually cheered me up some, pretty detailed responses)


  1. I hear you bud...I wish I could enjoy my time at university, but there's just so many more problems I have to confront before I can even do that. I just hope I can tackle them all before I can graduate and finally enjoy myself.

    Don't be afraid to drop a line if you need to talk.


  2. I enjoy the blog, kiddo. Definitely some good stuff. Always willing to listen, too.

  3. Preciate that guys! Its frustrating sometimes dealing with this stuff but I guess its good to know we aren't alone with it all

  4. Everyone needs to vent at times. I usually preface my vent to a friend/partner/colleague by saying,"Give me 5 minutes to vent...then I'll drop the subject and we can talk about something else." When I do that the other person doesn't need to give me feedback, or sympathize, or give me a pity party. Just having someone listen will usually do the trick not only to snap me out of a bad mood, but verbalizing can give me an idea of what action I need, or not need, to take. Have a great game this week! Take care!

  5. Hey man, hit me up sometime. I'd be glad to lend an open ear dude.

    BTW....awsome blog!