Thursday, September 15, 2011

what am i doin with my life

Blogger is a great way to avoid homework haha 4th post of the night...this is for sure a personal record

Today we visited Bank of America for my major. What I'm studying in school defiantly isn't a everyday degree. Its along the lines of finance stuff though. Can't really get too in depth about it all but for my class, we took a trip to Charlotte this afternoon. We went to the top floor of the BoA building for some panel discussions and a very richy lunch. It was way sick. It opened my eyes to what my major offers and the opportunities it provides me. I'm pretty excited about the future. I actually wouldn't mind graduating next week and moving onto the working world. Yeah college is supposed to be the best years of your life, but I honestly haven't experience that. It could be soccer keeping me back from that, or being a closeted gay, or going to a small ass private school in the middle of nowhere, or me just not putting myself out there. I would say its a combination of all those but I think I'm ready to move on.

Another reason for me to get into the real world: relationship possibilities or at least meeting other gay people. Being at this school defiantly limits my chances of finding a chill guy to hang with. I guess my gaydar blows anyways so it makes it that much harder. I just feel like once Im on my own in a different city, I might be able to make some moves, meet some people. Dont really have a plan for that but I think it might be somewhat easier. I dont know though, I just want to be done with school and makin money...

I just want to be successful in all aspects of my life in the future

...and holy shit, just looked at my hw, probs should of done that instead of bloggin haha


  1. Lol! I would procrastinate so much with my hw!
    Banking is fun. I work for wells. There are A-LOT of gays in banking. You'll def meet some interesting guys if you do a career in finance. Plus the money is good

  2. wow man ya nice surprise to have all these posts! I hear you and I know at times it can be lame to be in a small place where it seems like there are no other gay dudes... your school is cockblocking you hahahah. "we should be guiding his cock, not blocking it!!!" lol

  3. I have not been on a college sports team, but I knew a lot of the players on the UCLA soccer team when I was there. Nice guys, but yeah -- not a lot of time for building relationships with anyone outside of the team. Soccer was all-encompassing. Romantic relationships seemed pretty shallow too. The guys might have a hook-up here and there, but very few LTRs.

    Got some news for you -- once you get in the workforce, the pressures on your time will be worse.

  4. Dude, you should seriously enjoy what you can about being in college. Graduating and having a real job is nice but you'll never get those chill college years back!

  5. Love between men is fun and all that, but have you considered that what you're really "ready to move on" with is (a) finding an attractive young lady with good values; (b) getting married, and (c) starting a family?

    Nothing focuses the college student's mind quite like having a wife who believes in his potential to succeed, and a little child or two who depends on him to succeed.

    Hookups with guys may feel good, but at the end of the day the plumbing isn't right for making babies.

  6. Why, oh why, oh why can some people only find satisfaction in making babies? ROFLMAO!!!

  7. D- what do you do for Wells? I have an interview for them this week for an internship position for next summer. i really really hope i get it!

    TB- my school stays cockblockin homie! haha

    Robert- ya guys are all about the hookups these days. my roomy has had 4 different girls over within the past 3 weeks... but thats not good news :/ lol

    PNW- ya but im not really enjoyin the college times haha if i was having fun and actually likin the school im at, then it would probs be different

    Jake-i mean ya i want kids when i get older and i know that might be difficult, but im gay so it might be hard to have a child if i cant get up for my wife

    Robert- hahahahahaha

  8. I'm a project manager for international trading. It's pretty sweet. Hit me up if you need a reference or anything. Wells has a huge presence in NC

  9. D- Thats sounds awesome! I had an interview with them yesterday but no call back yet :( I really want them to call me but I think they already got all their spots filled. Im dealing with Trust if you know about that. Its a pretty interesting field and different than the average thing I guess