Thursday, September 15, 2011

my type

Im not sure if I've wrote about this before but I'll do it again anyways since a commenter requested haha

I dont really have a type I would say, but I have some preferences. One being the guy should be masculine. Not necessarily by playing sports or working out a lot, but he shouldn't wear females clothes or talk with a lisp. I dont mind that type of people, but its just not for me to date. I love a normal guy who you wouldn't guess to be gay or into dudes. I find a lot of my straight friends to be perfect type of guys just because they dont give off the gay vibes (if that makes sense.) Im also kind of only into white guys. Again, its just a preference and not saying im racist by any means. I like all types of people. Thinking about it, my good group of friends is a pretty diverse group of people with all races. One of my best friends is black and he knows and took it pretty well too. As for a way a guy dresses, I like athletic type of clothing but also a guy who can dress up and look good going out. Not a fan of someone who takes 45 minutes too get ready though or someone who fake tans and its extremely noticeable. I like a nice tan line though below the waist :)

uhhhhhh a nice body is always good. Not asking for a straight up 8 pack but in decent shape is good. For body hair, I like some hair in the right places. Chest, arms, legs is all good unless your looking like teenwolf lol Clean shaven guys can be hot too. I do like when a guy shaves down below. I think its gross if a guy doenst clean up and its a forest down there. Im not trying to get a hairball! Thats a turnoff for me... I like facial hair or some scruff, thats real nice. Blonde hair or brown hair are typically the guys I look at but I've seen some real hot red heads before.

And overall, personality is a HUGE thing for me. If you aren't cool to chill with, then nothings gonna happen. I tend to be drawn to normal acting guys. Jokes here and there, serious talk, can hold a conversation, talk about whatever are all important things. I feel like talking is a huge part of a relationship so being able to connect on a personal level is key for me.

Thats about it I think. I guess thats somewhat of a description of a guy I would date :) hahah


  1. A forest down there. Lol. Yeah that's no good. Extra points if he likes Kanye also right?

  2. the guy defiantly gets points for likin Kanye, even in general if he likes rap at all! haha