Saturday, September 17, 2011


Recently was in Baltimore and it defiantly surprised me. Its a sick city! I never have been there before but I kind of want to go back already. Did some walking around by the bay where there were so many restaurants and shops to go to.

This post didnt really have a meaning besides the exploration of a new city and my first mobile post. Downloaded a blogger app to my new phone and thought I would try it out.

Added some pics that were somewhat cool. The pic of the scrap metal and the concrete blocks were from the World Trade Center and  Pentagon from 9/11. It was outside the World Trade Center there.

Take it easy world!


  1. Socrkid: I didn't realize Baltimore was so militant against authority. :-)

  2. It can be a great city, make sure you go to Nacho Mama Restaurant and take the time to go to Blue Moon Cafe, the breakfast food is amazing.

  3. I second Nacho Mama...they serve Margaritas in hubcaps.

    Baltimore's a pretty sick city, it's one of my top 10. Yeah it has it's rough spots, but there's some really awesome areas (Canton, the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Little Italy), and the Northern Suburbs are pretty nice too.

  4. You have no e-mail address in your profile. I wanted to send you some of my pics of Baltimore.


  5. Hi! Just came here and read some posts I liked, so I will be coming back to check your updates.

    Take care! ;D

  6. Not about Baltimore, but I thought you would get a kick out of the recent story about a former professional Belgian player who is now acting in gay porn:

  7. FoC- im not too sure what that means? lol but it has a smiley face so i like it! haha

    Jeremy P- I never got to go. I was only there for a day and we ate at Panera lol... but if i go back, i will def check it out

    RJ- it defiantly had its rough spots haha we were lost for like an hour in the ghetto and it was bad. but the harbor area was real sick. we stayed downtown near there

    J- you can send them there!

    Alex- thanks for reading! hope you continue to enjoy

    Robert- ya i saw that. thats crazy and im not too happy cause it just makes gay people look even more weird... i dont find him to be too good lookin anyways though