Monday, September 26, 2011

Question #3

So I did a thing of where I asked a question hoping to get some responses but I havent dont it in a while so I thought I would give it another go around. I think I was on question 3 so here it is...

Would you rather get a bj or give a bj?

I know some guys like to be givers and others like to take. Im not sure what I like more. The few bj's Ive got, I just didnt think anything special of it and the few that I've given, I was never happy with the dude I was with. So I think it might depend on the guy or situation I'm in. Also just in my own thoughts, I feel like if I admitted to like giving a bj more, that would make me so much more gayer than getting one haha


  1. Lol!
    I love both! And when you find the perfect guy, you will too. :-P

  2. I definitely enjoy blow jobs. I wouldn't say that I like the actual act of giving a blow job it more about making the guy feel good. I assume the sentiment is similar for going down on a girl.

  3. It's true, the more you want to suck dick the gayer you are. Haha nah it's definitely situation and mood dependent..I've definitely flipped. (pun intended)

  4. I'm right there with ya kid. When I first started hooking up with dudes, I was only on the receiving end. I loved getting head, it was so much better than jacking off. A thousand percent!

    I also made sure that I gave no indication that I wanted to suck dick either. Not sure if it was because I thought it made me more gay, or partly because I thought the cocksucker might enjoy it more if I acted more straight....if that makes any sense.

    Eventually, curiosity got the best of me and I offered to reciprocate. Much to my surprise, lots of guys just were not interested. Most of them liked sucking dick, for it's own sake.

    Once I started doing it, I found out why. It's fucking fun! There is something so cool about pleasuring another guy, and being responsible for that incredible feeling, especially when I KNOW what's it's like on the other end of that penis.

    So, as of now, I'm 40% giver, and 60% taker. What is it you kids always say...... it's all good!


  5. Ohmygod! I LOVE getting a BJ!!!!! It's a little slice of heaven taking place just below the belt!

    I'm definitely a receiver. For me, oral is better than anal. And yes, giving oral requires some chemistry with me. But I'm always up for getting some head!

    I knew a guy about 20 yrs ago who identified as straight. Had a girlfriend, but really enjoyed the sensation of a dick in his mouth. He did not fall in love with the guys he was blowing, but he liked dick in all of its amazing variety.

  6. I love giving blow jobs. The silky feel of a guy's cock in your mouth is unbelievable. Sucking and licking dicks and balls is an unbelievable experience.

  7. more a fan of receiving one. don't mind giving head but ya would agree with some above, it's mainly about pleasuring who you're with and if its not a bf then probably not as good. but I've had OK BJ's and I've had really really really good BJ's so there's definitely a difference in technique lol. The first BJ I got when I was like 17 was absolutely amazing, he used like his hands and stuff I dunno he was just good. Not all about deep throating.

    my straight friend just told me the other day he suspected I might be gay when I said I liked getting head more than sex (with a girl) lol this was back in high school

  8. Guess what? You're gay. You like to have sexual relations with other men - what you do doesn't make you "gayer" when you're already all the way there. Gay is gay is gay - giving or receiving. And if you're afraid that admitting you like giving blow jobs makes you gayer, you still have a lot of work to do.

  9. I would tend to agree with you Scott: engaging in certain gay sex acts doesn't make one gayer than someone else, but there is a myth that a lot of gay and straight folks buy into that French-active/Greek-passive activities are "gayer." In Latin American countries, a guy can f**k another guy in the butt, but he is considered to be a straight guy who just likes to screw guys. The guy on the receiving end is the gay one.

    Reality is much more complex. A number of basically straight men will seek out gay/bi men to get screwed in the caboose. They like the sensation, and they will go home to their girlfriends and wives, and otherwise live a hetero existence, once they've been plugged.

  10. I definitely prefer sitting back and getting sucked off if the guy knows what he's doing. It's fun to mess with his hair, feel of his hot chest and push his mouth further down on my cock.

  11. Haha, like your questions. ;)

    I like both.

    I like giving a bj. Exploring a dick with your tongue and lips, feeling the head pushing in, feeling the excitement of my bf through his body,... it makes me horny as hell. And you get a reward after the job lol ;)

    I like my dick sucked too. The warm feeling of a mouth, the playing with your foreskin, the attention you get while being sucked. I don't always get off by being sucked, but I like it as part of the game. Maybe I like giving a bj a little more than receiving one because of that. I think it's related to my rather tight foreskin but I'm not sure.

    But what's that al about being gayer? I don't think you can define gay-gayer-gayest by the things you do in bed. Even if you only like jacking off while watching a guy, you're already as gay as they come no? And I've known a gaycouple where the 'most masculine' looking and acting guy was on the receiving end even for fucking. So you can't judge that by looking at someones appearance.

    Maybe you can feel a little more slutty by giving a bj, but I think the feeling that matters, the right feeling about giving a bj, is one of being a good lover to your bf.
    Isn't that the more important one?

  12. I love getting a bj, but I'm really not to into giving them. I wonder if its more about tops and bottoms? Tops enjoy receiving, bottoms giving? Idk....justa thought.

  13. I definitely prefer sucking cock. Probably because the blow jobs I've beeen given have not been very good and I've not had anyone complain about mine. I definitely enjoy pleasuring the man I'm with--I don't just suck his cock, I make love to it--licking his balls, his cock, and generally, making him feel good, which makes me feel good. (The cum in my throat is an added bonus).

  14. Great question. I truly like both giving and receiving bjs, but with qualifications on both. If the guy giving me head takes his time and really seems into what he he is doing, then the outcome (pun intended) is about the greatest thing ever. By the way, I really don't care whether he swallows or not. It is the sensation of a warm mouth on my cock driving me to orgasm that turns me on, not what is going to happen to it when I get there
    What I hate is having a guy "attack" my penis like he is wolfing down a hot dog.. It's hard to describe briefly in any other words but it's a toal turn off.
    I also love to suck cock but I like doing it a lot better if I can get it easily in mouth. Dicks that are too long or too thick get short shrift from my perspective, ... although I haven't had any complaints!
    By the way, I have been reading your blog for a few months and really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams and fears with us. You come across like a special guy.

    I also love given

  15. just thought of this and thought I'd add... the dude who gave me my first (and only reallllly good) bj also swollowed lol.... have to say it made a great bj even better! Nothing better than finishing in him and having no mess to clean up! hahahah

  16. Definitely enjoy getting BJs. It's all about power/submission with me. Kicking back and watching a hottie boy worship your manmeat for a few hours is pure paradise.

  17. When you find the right guy, and he finds you, and you are in love with each other with common interests and sharing your lives with each other, intimacy escalates to a whole new level. You explore your sexuality together, and will discover ideas and ways to make the sexual experiences of both you and your partner more fulfilling and pleasureable. It no longer is about whether you "give" or "receive", it is the power of touch and connection with someone you love that makes it special. Some great guy is in your future...which makes every day a day to look forward to! Take Care!