Wednesday, September 7, 2011

gay talk with the guys

So we went to the beach on Sunday and it was so chill. Perfect weather and the water felt amazing. I would love to live near a beach. There are soooo many good looking people of both sexes! I love to people watch and check others out haha

At one point, I was in the water with 3 of the 4 guys that know and there was a situation where there were 2 girls and 1 guy so they were tryin to have me go talk to the dude so the guys could talk to the girls. It was funny cause we started talkin about how he wasnt my type and stuff like that. And they were saying that your always gonna have a hookup to where your not proud about lol I just thought it was cool that we were talking about it so openly and they were asking what my type was and stuff. It was pretty funny.

And then at dinner Monday night, I was there with 3 guys who knew again and one asked me who my top five guys at school I thought were good looking. I dont know there names so I just said there were a couple in my classes and that I would point them out if I saw them around. Then we just went to famous people about who I thought was hot. I named some and they were naming guys and judging them as well lol Then I said I would take David Beckham over Cristiano Ronaldo and they got pissed at me. They couldnt believe I said that and they were giving me shit for that. It was real funny that they were judging guys with me and stuff.

Then we were talking about hookups or something along those lines. And one guy said "you got to slay the dragons to get to the princess." I said "Im not trying for the princess" and he was like, "then you got to slay them to get to the prince homie" hahahah I was cracking up when he said that. (and if yall dont understand it, dragons are ugly guys obviously and the prince is the hot guy lol) Its awesome that the guys are so open about talking about it with me and asking me questions. It feels fuckin awesome not havin to avoid answers about girls and stuff. Feel so much better on the inside since telling them. Its awesome not being treated any differently since tellin those guys which is cool.

Thats about it thats new. scored a goal that other day that was so sick and I was shocked I scored it lol It was probs one of my better if not best ones I've ever scored. School is still school so nothing new there.

Thats about it I guess. Hope everyone has had a good Labor Day weekend!

--And thanks for all the comments on the last post!! Means a lot to me people :)


  1. Beckham or Ronaldo? They're both hot and tasty for different reasons. And they both seem like they might be into same sex sampling. ;-)

  2. Ohh Beckham for sure!!! You got good taste bro. Glad you had a good time at the beach. It is definitly one of the best places to people watch! Hot guys + wearing sunglasses = lots of a non creepy way of course haha

    1. Hello I'm jacob lol wanna text me 915-408-2625

  3. Socrkid: When you accept yourself, it makes it easier for others to accept you too. I'm so glad your friends are supporting you and as so many people told you, your real friends would be there for you. Just being yourself gives you freedom and confidence . . . and notice how happy you sound? That's awesome.

  4. Great to hear that your teammates are so cool about it, told you so ;) So happy for you!! /Louise

  5. They're both hot, but if I had to pick I think I would go with Beckham too! Anyways, it's cool your friends are so chill about it. I hope to have more friends like that soon.

    Also, I'm liking the playlist. Have you heard Jay-Z and Kanye's new album yet? It's pretty good in my opinion.

  6. Robert-haha they both do seem like that! haha

    AVG- i know what you mean, its just eye candy hah but glad your feeling becks as well!

    SoAA- :)

    FoC- thanks man! it for sure helps being comfortable with myself but still not all the way to accepting it. im defiantly happier though this year than last year with being open about it all

    Louise- Thanks! im glad they are cool with it too!! haha

    GP- good choice! and im sure they will be cool with it. i honestly didnt think they would be this chill about it but they surprised me and im sure your friends will do the same...and ya man, those cd's have been on repeat for the past month! added some jams for you :)

    TB- indeed it is :) haha

  7. Sounds like you're really enjoying your time. I Remember that time after I came out to my friends, them asking all those questions about which type of guys I liked and stuff. I enjoyed that so much as well, it makes you more part of the group, talking about all that stuff that keeps guys busy, like hooking up, watching nice bodies, crushing on someone. Whether all that is about girls or guys. It shows you're a real friend telling about that and not keeping your mouth shut or avoiding questions.
    And for the Beckham/Ronaldo shit, for me the body of Ronalde with the face of Beckham please lol. Or even better, the soccerguy on the pic I sent you a while ago ;-)

  8. You should write a post about what your type is... just saying.