Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's not all about sex

Disclaimer: This is kind of a long post. There are many grammatical errors. This might be my first and last time going into detail about a hookup. It does get kind of cheesy in some parts. And this isn't too much about the hookup but more about the great time I had... haha

It's been a while since my last hookup. It was over the summer when I spent time with another guy having some fun. But there wasn't much too it. No connection, no communication, just hook up and go. There was very little conversation and not much engagement. I guess I can't expect to much from a craigslist post but I still wanted something more. I like getting to know a guy and seeing how he thinks, how he feels. I feel like it makes the 'fun' that much better...

Well, I got to experience that connection for the first time. I've never had a hookup like the one I did this past Sunday night. It wasn't just about getting off and leaving. It was about connecting with the guy. We talked for hours, watched movies, sat in silence, just basically chilled. It was perfect.

It all started when I got to his school around 1pm. I met him outside his dorm and he got in my car and we started talking like we've been knowing each other for years. We texted prior to meeting up in order to have some plans in mind so when I got him, we went straight to lunch. He showed me to a local brunch type place which was real good. We finished lunch then went to watch Romeo and Juliet the play at his school. He had to attend it for a class and he also had friends performing in it. It was a sick production and I had a great time. Even though we didnt talk much for the 2 hours in the theater, it was awesome just to be hangin with a similar guy. I've never been in that situation and it felt good for some reason.

After the play, I actually left to go visit my grandparents who lived close by his school. He had homework to finish up so it worked out perfectly. When I was done visiting my grandparents, I headed back to his school. I texted him saying I was there and he just said to head to his dorm. (He showed me earlier before the play.) So I went up to his room where he was there playing video games with his friends. I met all them and made some small talk about my school. But they left quickly and so did we.

We checked into a local hotel for the night. He has a roomy so it probably would of been weird to just chill with him being there so we thought a hotel was the best bet (which it was haha.) But we got to the room around 945ish. Put our stuff down and just sat on the beds. (We got 2 queens cause the guys at the front desk asked us and said it would of been weird if we got 1 king lol) So we sat there on our separate beds just watching Transformers. We talked about random things; family, friends, gay/bi issues, cars, music, fashion, our futures, traveling, and plenty more. It was awesome getting to know him more than what I already did. Even though we disagreed on some things (muscle car vs new BMW), I had a great time talking. The more I found out about him, the more I liked him.

We talked for about 4 hours. It wasn't until 2 am we got into the same bed. I'm not sure why it took so long cause I wanted to jump in his bed right when we got there lol But I guess the wait made it that much better... When we were laying there, we talked some more. Exchanged come compliments and compared who had better hair (I won haha) and then things started moving along. We kissed, pulled away and stared at each other,  and kissed again. It was awesome.

Things got a lil more heated after the long makeout sesh. Both of us started taking each others clothes off one by one. We continued to kiss and grab each other. (The roughness and masculinity of a guy is mad sexy haha i love it) Then I was first go down on him and we switched a couple times taking turns. He got on top of me and I got on top of him. We didnt have sex but it wasn't needed. After about 30 minutes of kissing, jerking, and sucking on the bed, we moved to the shower and proceeded to do the same in there.

When we got out of the shower, we got back on the bed but this time, it wasn't as rough. We took our time and cuddled a bit. We laid there talking about random things with the occasional kiss here and there. That was the part I loved the most. Just being in the arms of another guy and holding another guy was perfect. I sound so soft saying that but I really enjoyed that haha

We did eventually get off, me being first (took awhile which was kind of awkward/embarrassing haha) but he was cool with it and then he got off. It was about 2 hours from when we started and every second was perfect. Things weren't rushed. Things weren't awkward (besides the last part). And things were just like how it should of been. Everything felt natural and for the first time I was myself the whole time.

After getting off, we laid in bed for a bit just cuddling some more and talking about how much fun we had and how we should of started right when we got into the room. I also had to leave to head back to school since I had lifting at 8am. That part sucked the most cause I wanted to just be in his arms and relax with him but I couldn't. So I dropped him off back at his school and got a goodbye hug and kiss. Since then we've talked some more and have planned on meeting again which I hope happens soon.

This whole experience was awesome and it felt great just to be with someone who didn't want to get his dick sucked and leave. The connection defiantly made the night that much better. Being attracted to someone physically isn't enough for me. I have to be emotionally attracted as well and to this guy, I was.

...Oh, and forgot to mention it was with a fellow blogger as well :)


  1. Socrkid: Wow! OMG! You had some sexy time with another blogger? Did you see your freudian slip typo? "Exchanged come compliments . . ." I think you meant "some" but come is what came out, LOL!

    This is fantastic that you are exploring and discovering things you enjoy. I'm all for making that connection with another guy, it just makes the sex so much better.

    Woo-hoo! If only every hookup went this well, we all would be happy.

  2. love love this story hahah :) very well written made me definitely appreciate how awesome it must have been!

  3. wow this is just great! good for you socrkid

  4. Really really nice experience. Just awesome!Reading this makes me feel all happy :-)

    Definitly feels like me enjoying a guy much more when there's a connection. Don't like the 'drive by shooting' style neither lol. Feeling emotionally attracted on top of the physical stuff sure is heaven. If that feels soft, it's worth it. It's all good to be soft (except that one part ;-) lol)

    And when it's not all about the physical goods, there's a stable base for maybe more... Does he live at a reasonable distance? I really would like you to have that special somebody, you're worth it and you deserve it. Any chances?

    Proud of your 'dating skills' and curious what will come of it ;-)

  5. Your "pride" is coming through in a big way and I am very, very happy for you! Thanks for sharing your experience in a great post that so many of us can both relate to and feel good about. Take care!

  6. Your beautiful experience reminds me of a saying: Sex is good, sex with someone you know is better, sex with someone you love is best.

  7. Sweet post :-)
    Hey, completely off topic, but do you still keep in contact with gayfootballer in UK? What happened to him?

  8. That's an awesome story ! Good for you. I hope the 2 of you will be very happy together for a long time.

  9. Wow! Blogger sex! Woo-hoo!

    Sounds like you had a great time. That's a boyfriend-type connection. Hope you explore it some more!

  10. Hot Socrkid, and ur 100% right bro.....its not always about the sex. But a straight up real connection like that can be hard to find man.


  11. I continue to be really impressed with you, Socrkid! You have more depth than you know and I love the self and other-guy respect in your words and actions. As I've commented you before, I wish I had your strength when I was your age. Keep on going.

  12. That's awesome man! I'm glad you met someone to have a real connection with. Hope you guys are able to get to know each other more!

  13. This was the cutest post you have ever written! Everything about it made me tingle inside with happiness...from the way you wrote it to the story itself. It sounds like your experience was magical. I love the title you used for this post, I couldn't agree more.
    I am so happy for you OG :)
    Happy Halloween!

  14. sweet story buddy! i'm jealous beyond words ;-)

  15. Whar a wonderful time it must have been! I can only dream of such a thing happening to me.

  16. Thanks for all the comments!! I had no idea I would get this much feedback from this post but it defiantly makes me feel good. We continue to talk and hopefully it continues haha

    @D- I don't unfortunately. He kind of dropped off the map without any notice. We talked a couple times after he took his blog down but then it stopped randomly. I miss talking to him though! :/

  17. hey, I've been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it. Def. liked your latest was sweet!!!

  18. awesome story, thanks for sharing!

  19. I am so jealous with you! but at the same time i'm happy for you. hehe