Thursday, October 13, 2011

responses to the past posts

Instead of individually commenting on all the responses, I'm just gonna do a post cause there were a shit ton of things said haha I really appreciate all the support and feedback I get. It means a lot and its awesome to see that stuff when I got on here.

As for question #4, haha ya it probs was TMI but just something I wasn't too sure about but yall defiantly cleared it up and thanks for that. Im not planning on rushing into any of that but Im defiantly gonna be carfeful when/if it does happen.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good birthday overall I guess with my mom comin up to see me.

And for the last post... I didnt say anything just. You could say I pussied out but I just dont want things to get complicated right now. Not saying they will, but they defiantly could. I have been debating on whether to tell a couple more guys but just not sure who yet. Im pretty content with the 4 guys knowing right now. We joke about it and they give me shit for it (in a good way) so Im happy with it.

To answer some of the questions that were posted in the comments... Season is goin okay. Could be better (but thats typically how it always is). Personally, not doin what I expect myself to do. Kind of in a sticky situation right now as well and it sucks to be in it. I think we are like halfway through our season so hopefully it can turn around... I took the music off cause not sure if people actually listen to it, and just kind of get lazy to change the playlist lol might add it later on

I think thats about it, you can comment with any questions and Ill probs respond there or on another post


  1. You are competing at the highest level in college soccer. It will be tough; some of the guys you are facing are going to go pro. Hang in there!

  2. If you put the music back, please don't make it play automatically. We have different taste in music, and I grew tired of turning it off. Then if I go to comments and hit back button in the browser the music comes back on automatically. Not trying to be an ass, but mandatory music is not cool.

  3. haha its all good, i like it silent when i check the page as well. if i knew how to disable the automatic play i would just do that but i dont :/ haha