Sunday, October 9, 2011

being 21

Within the past couple of weeks, I've turned 21. And for my huge 21st celebration, I sat in my room and watched tv by myself. It might of been my worst birthday so far. We had a game the next day so couldnt go out and celebrate like a typical 21 year old would. And my roomy was with some chick so just chilled by my lonesome haha

My mom did fly up and see me though that weekend and watched two of my games (when i was playing, but thats for another post) and it was awesome spending time with her. She took me shopping and got me some things that I needed. Took me out for two birthday dinners haha First one was Outback which is my favorite restaurant then the next night she wanted to take me out to a nice place. So we went to Raleigh to Ruth's Chris. Im not much of a steak guy and I never order it when I go out but dammmnn, that shit was sooo banging. That place was mad expensive though and I felt like we could of went somewhere else but my mom said you only turn 21 once haha I also ordered my first drink there but we split it cause I had a game again the next day. She ended up drinkin most of it though

It was a solid weekend though when she came up, Im always happy to see my family, especially my mom. She's awesome :)

As for being 21, dont feel much different. Havent even got to a bar or anything just cause season right now and my roomy is only 20 so feel bad for leaving him behind. Just gonna have to wait for that...


  1. Good luck in the game, and happy birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Socrkid! Very nice of your mom to go to the extra effort to spend time celebrating with you.

    Has she discussed any additional topics about you being gay? So far sounds like she has been cool with it.

  3. Your mom must love you if she took you to Ruth's Chris. That place isn’t just expensive, it’s DAMN expensive!

    Happy 21st birthday! Even if you had a bit of down time, it sounds like you had good birthday overall.

    By the way, how is this season turning out? Does it look like NCAA playoffs? Or is your coach comparing you guys to an AYSO team trying to play in Division 1? Or are you guys somewhere in between this year? LOL!!!

    Hope this season is turning out well for you!

  4. Awsome bro....Happy B-day!! 21= HOT!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great night with your mom! Don't worry...there are many awesome celebrations in your future! Take Care!

  6. So, cool post and all, but really all I can think about is how to get that music to stop! Seriously man, I gotta label your blog NSFW. Not cause you post R and X rated shit, it's cause that music pops up and startles the shit outta me, and my coworkers all look over like WTF dude, we're working.

    I would have written you an e-mail so this wouldn't have to be in the public comment section, but you got no e-mail address in your profile.

    Anyway...happy b-day beeeoch.

  7. Happy 21st Birthday!!! I wish you had a boy friend to hang with but it was really nice for your Mom to come to visit. Ruth's Chris is a very nice restaurant. You have a great family. Good luck!!

  8. Happy birthday! Ruth's Chris is good, I ate there once. Only because my mom's boss gave her a gift card. And it was still super expensive!

  9. Legends (in Raleigh) is 18+, so you could go out there with your roommate if he could handle it. From my experience, the straight guys can do just as well picking someone up for the evening.