Monday, March 12, 2012

somewhat of a random update

First day of school back from spring break and had my first volunteering thing at the elementary school on campus. Our soccer team is volunteering for the month of March on MWF for an hour each day. I'm with a kindergarten class and already a class favorite haha I've said it plenty of times but I love working with kids. Its awesome to be around them and then to see them learn, it makes it that much better! Today we did patterns in math so it was fun making patterns with them.

Over spring break, I went home to enjoy the time with my family. It was awesome just to be back in a city and being able to chill without school and soccer. The first weekend back I drove to Austin which is about 3 hours from Dallas to see a friend from back home at his college and also to see 2 of my teammates from school that live there. We went out to 6th Street on Saturday night and it was fucking nuts. By far one of the best nights going out. Its comparable to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Soooo many people and bars. They close the street down and its just a shit show everywhere. It was a good ass time...During the day I met up with a highschool friend and he showed us around UT where he goes. That school is insanely nice! I wish I could start school over and just go there. If you havent been there, you should def check out UT and the city of Austin, theres so much to see!

Uhhhhhh... also saw Project X and Act of Valor over break with my lil bro. CHECK THOSE OUT! Sick movies especially Act of Valor. I think every American should see that movie. Or actually anyone to show and gain a respect for service men. I teared up at the end of it. Both solid movies.

Before spring break, I told another teammate and it went perfectly. He was a kid I wasn't worried about telling cause he is super open-minded. I asked for him to come down cause he lives above me and just told him. We talked for like 3 hours about everything and how society views gays and how it relates to religion. It was an awesome talk and real glad I told him.

Thats about it. The post was everywhere but just wanted to write that stuff down...Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Congrats for telling another friend! I'm glad it went well.

  2. Hey Soccerkid! Good to see that you've been enjoying Spring Break!

  3. Thanks guys, yeah its getting easier and easier to tell people... and i wish spring break was longer haha