Thursday, March 22, 2012

my first soccer fight

Last night was our second spring game and unfortunately we lost. It was a pretty weak defeat since it was 2-1 and we were up 1-0 and had a goal called back. The game winning goal for them came in the last 3 minutes as well on a deflection that bounced just over our goalie. I guess we took some good things from the game and especially since it was against a professional team. Not MLS but a team from the USL division which is under the MLS.

But last night, there were some firsts for me. I did my first slide tackle (sounds weird but im just not the type of player to slide) and I got in my first fight (it wasn't that big though but still pretty sick). The fight was caused by my tackle as well.

It happened in the first half and I had the ball at half field but lost it in a tackle. The ball popped out to their center back who started dribbling and I decided to dive in and win the ball back. It was slick on the field cause of the dew and I came in pretty hard. I didnt get any ball and just got all ankle. It was pretty bad tackle but felt awesome to do it. (this guy also got me in the first half with a tackle and told me to quit bitching to the ref and the next tackle would be worse). So it was somewhat of a revenge cause the guy was a bitch. He got up pretty quick and got in my face and pushed me. I stepped back into and said some choice words. He then grabbed my throat like somewhat choking me. This shocked me and I made a quick decision to slap him across his face. (I know slapping a guy seems like a bitch move but I honestly didnt want to hit him cause i didnt want to get a straight red and die from this big dude haha).  He then came back at me and grabbed my throat again. So I slapped him across the face even harder (my keeper said he could hear back at our goal). I connected pretty well and I honestly should of just fuckin smashed him. After the second hit, I was pulled away and he was pulled away. Shit got intense and my boy/roommate/first person i told/brother got into as well and was backing me up. It was awesome to see that. But we were just going back and forth cussing each other out and talking shit the rest of the half. And in the end, we both only got a yellow. Im sure it was just cause a friendly cause the initial tackle could of been a straight red haha

When we got on the bus everyone was talking about it and saying how sick the whole thing was. They were saying they were proud of me for not backing down and actually doing something about it even though it was a slap haha My coach didnt even say anything to me which surprised me.

So yeah, it was pretty sick and felt pretty good to do haha, just sucks we lost to that shit team


  1. Shows that you are the better man.

  2. Socrkid: The other guy deserved to be slapped for choking you, you were just defending yourself from him crossing the line. It's a good feeling to know your teammates got your back.

  3. I didn't know you were into bdsm. :) Glad you shamed him. I assume you will not see him again this year? If you do strike hiim in the jaw. Isn't it amazing how he called you a bitch, and you didn't react. Just think what you would have felt if he did that BEFORE you came out. Kudos!


  4. I'm proud of you for defending yourself! Bitches deserved to get bitch slapped. TWICE hahahaha I wish I saw that. I would have been cheering for you in the stands

  5. Bet you had a pretty good adrenaline rush after that one. Good for you man, you stood up for yourself and didn't back down. Like AGD said, a bitch deserves a bitch slap. Take it easy