Monday, March 12, 2012

my first 'sorta' relationship

My first ever relationship is over. I'm not sure if it was considered a relationship cause we didnt declare it or never made it official but I guess I would consider it my first one. We texted every day, talked on the phone randomly, basically we were there for each other. And yeah, we hooked up for those who was thinking it. But it was for sure way beyond the hookups. I would say thats just a bonus to a relationship. I might be different than other guys, but I guess im not looking for the next ass or trying to get off everyday. Im more for the connection between us and being able to relate to each other. It was great what me and ECCC had...But for some reason, my feelings changed and things just weren't the same. It kind of fell off. Not sure what else to say but we are still friends and still talk. I actually met up with him last night cause I was in his area.


  1. Socrkid: That's sad that things did not work out with EC, he was so excited to be with you. But some good things came out it -- 1) this confirmed to both of you that you could find a guy to connect with, even though it was for a short while, 2) you remain friends and can support each other that way, which is a nice consolation prize, and 3) it was a learning lesson that will hopefully shape what you want in a future relationship.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Here's hoping you remain good friends! Also, I'm in the same boat, I'm also more about relationships than sex.

  3. FoC- for sure, i agree with all those! im glad i got to experience what i felt and glad i have a friend like that

    SCalRF-yeah the relationship means a lot more to me. sex is always good but doesnt last forever haha

  4. I'm sorry to hear that your little thing with ECCC has ended. But it seems like you're taking it quite well, or am I wrong?
    After all it seems you made a good (gay) friend, it's good to hear you two can still talk a lot.
    Your comment on SCalRF is so true! Take care man!

  5. It is good when sex is only one aspect of a relationship; not the only or most important aspect.

  6. kevin-its all good, things happen like that but yeah im fine. its a bit different now though

    Anony-exactly! very important