Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the lil bro

So it was for sure a solid Christmas break. Spent some quality time with friends and family. There isn’t too much new on the gay front besides I’m completely out to my family now. My parents and older brother and sister have known for about a year now but I was still waiting on to tell my little brother for certain reasons. He is a freshman in high school and still isn’t mature. He has hard times comprehending things and understanding certain situations. This in part has something to do with his mental state. I’m honestly not sure what he has but he is slow. He doesn’t act his age at all and his education level is far below what it should be. Its frustrating to me cause he seems normal but the things he does are just beyond me. Sometimes I wish I had a younger brother who was ‘normal’ but I just mean a brother who acts his age. I love him to death and always will. He says some funny shit too so he typically keeps me laughing.

But I told him about a week ago I guess and he took it awkwardly to say the least haha He started laughing and kept saying I was joking. He didn’t believe me and thought it was weird, really weird. He asked me about the girls I hang out with and the girls I talked too. I just said we were friends and just hung out a lot. I asked him some questions like if it would change things and if he ever thought I was and he was cool about it all. Telling him was by the far the easiest one for some reason. I guess I was trying to show him something. Like it doesn’t matter who you are cause people will like you for you and you shouldn’t have to worry about things and girls cause he has plenty of years ahead of him.

Also over break, I was wanting to go to a gay bar while I was home but that never happened. I looked some up and found a sports one but just never had alone time to go down there and never had the courage to ask a friend to go haha

That’s about it. I have a couple things I want to get done by 2013. I wouldn’t say they are resolutions but more of goals. One is to be out to my team at school. Yes I know it’s no ones right to know who Im with or attracted to but if they ask, I’m not gonna try to avoid it. Im for sure not gonna go around screaming ‘I like dick’ either haha So hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Years!


  1. Socrkid: That's wonderful that your family is supporting you, even if it takes some convincing of your little bro. You have laid the groundwork to bring home a BF and that will make it real to your younger brother. He just needs to see something tangible and I know you will be a positive role model. You are already doing that and changing people's impressions on your team, and that's what it takes -- showing others we are more like them than they realize, and they have little to fear from us.

  2. I am very happy for you. Having your family with you has to be a source of support. I think you have the respect of your peers and family. I feel that is the reason there has been such support for you. It is beyond the sexual aspect and more about you the person, which I think people like a lot. Good luck with school!!

  3. nice to see a post from you. yea going to a gay bar is weird (especially alone) i usually end up stumbling to one only after i'm extremely drunk lol. good luck with your goals/resolutions, keep us updated.

  4. When I was still single I was always thinking about going to a gaybar to finally meet some gay guys, but I never made it to one because I always chickened out before I even reached the street were it was located haha. Now I'm glad I never went there, it's a strange little world I think.

    I did attend some gayparties though, but these were more youth or student orientated and organised in the 'regular' student party rooms in the city, by some GLBT-organisations. So it was very accessible and there were like hundreds of 'normal' gay guys about my age.

    About your little brother, I know how it feels to see one of your siblings kind of struggling through life. One of my brothers (the third one) has always been slow for some things too and always had this sad/unhappy look. He's recently diagnosed with a light version of autism. I've always feeled kind of responsible to include him in our lives although he tends to keep on his own and you have to know how he thinks to understand how his brain works. It kind of sucks there isn't much you can do to make someone like him happy, but now that we and himself know what's the reason of his sometimes 'weird behaviour', he seems to grow in happiness.

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