Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my 6th semester

Well this for sure wont be my most exciting semester to say the least. My class schedule is pretty rough and will make getting a good GPA even more difficult. I'm taking Estate Tax, Fiduciary Law 1, Money and Banking, Philosophy of Business, and World Religions. And these are all on Tuesday's and Thursday. Yes, that means I dont have class Monday, Wednesday, or Friday but after today, I kind of would rather have class throughout the week. I'm fucking exhausted and I have to be up at 6 for fitness. My day today was up at 6 am, fitness test (3 mile run which I got 20.40 on which sucked), class at 8 and 9:30, came back for a nap, then class at 12:30 and 2 to 3:20. Came back to my room and did some laundry. Went to chick for dinner then night class from 6-9 and got back to hang out with the roomies for a bit and now im typing this. Uneventful day but I feel like its taken forever!

Today in my first class, I showed my friend a tweet from Anderson Cooper that was funny and he was like "you know he's gay right?" I said yeah I know, and he replied "yeah thats weird" then laughed, " i lost all respect for him after I found out." I wasn't sure what to say. So I laughed and questioned why and said he's still a good guy as well as news reported. He agreed but still said he isn't a fan anymore because of the whole gay thing. It kind of made me mad and also kind of made me wanted to tell him about me (which I didnt). I wanted to see his reaction but of course that wasnt the time or place to tell him. Im not too close with him so I dont think he will be one I will tell anyways.

I also had a pretty fuckin legit weekend I will have to write about. It was with the kid too, I just need time to write it out ;)

Thats about it I guess. Gonna head to bed so I can get some rest before my beep test in the morning. Night everyone!


  1. Socrkid: All your classes on two days a week makes for really long days, that's rough and is going to require you to manage your schedule well. That would suck if you had exams all the same week so this will test your ability to not burn out -- altho having the other days off will be great, but I expect you'll be doing homework or assignments on those "free" days.

    I agree with you, no good picking a fight with someone you aren't really close to anyway. Sure if you said something, you might change a person's mind but if you aren't really friends anyway, would it matter that much to you? You don't have to be a gay activist or poster boy for the cause all the time, so use your discretion.

  2. Dealing with people that are negative towards gay's when you are hiding it is a really tough spot to be in. I have been doing it all my life. I usually try to just disagree with them, in a non confrontational way, and move on. I always hate that I can't give them a piece of my mind.

  3. Nothing wrong with telling someone they're making stupid, bigoted comments. You don't have to be black to say that racist comments are wrong and stupid. Likewise, you don't have to mention anything about your orientation to say that anti-gay comments are wrong and stupid.

  4. holy crap 6th semester, really?!? weren't u finishing 2nd semester when I started talking to u hahaha wow man time flies!! #WEAREOLD

  5. FoC-yeah it wasnt worth it, but i mean if i do come out, i do hope to change his perception of gays

    Not Alone- thats what i tried to do then it just got dropped. it would be easier to just tell them they sound fuckin stupid making such comments though haha

    gp- that is a good point, i guess i should try to do that next time

    TB- hahahaha crazy i know! we are getting old :/