Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Am I a second class citizen?

This video gave me the chills. I really can't wait for this documentary to come out...


  1. Chills is an understatement. Hopefully it'll be picked up by NCGLFF or River Run.

    Unfortunately, and this may just be me being a realist (pessimist?), we'll be second class citizens until the majority can find another minority to marginalize. Even as we slowly get "equal" rights under the law, that doesn't mean society as a whole will accept two gay men at the "big people's" table instead of the "kids' table" in society.

  2. Socrkid: Are we 2nd class? Only if we allow others to treat us that way. When we become seen and heard -- we then would have done our small part towards changing minds and attitudes. That does not mean we all have to be activists and poster children for our side -- altho there are many who do speak out and we owe them a debt for doing so -- but hiding in the closet sends the wrong message -- that we are ashamed of ourselves. So as you have shown by your example, you are making a difference through your family and friends.

  3. In the US, the constitution says everyone is created equal. In Canada, a decision by the Supreme Court in 1935 (!) says that all citizens are equal before and under the law. These statements by our respective countries, preclude discrimination of homosexuals or ANYONE ELSE. The struggle for equality and justice, however, goes on.

  4. legit goosebumps for this. feel like angry/sad/empowered all at once

  5. RJ- yeah i dont think society will accept that for a while and that sucks. i mean i guess the future generations will be fortunate enough not to have to deal with the separation from the crowd

    FoC-it would be easier to come out and show that we are normal and just like everyone else, but thats the hard part of coming out in the first place, the acceptance from others is the unknown. it would help for high profile people to pave the way i think

    Anon- yeah, it says we are 'equal' but clearly thats not the truth haha

    TB-i've watched it over and over and it gets me everytime haha