Saturday, April 2, 2011

sick concert

 The Venue

Went to the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert tonight and it was sickkkkk. It was in downtown Raleigh at an open ampitheater which was a real nice location. Sold out at 8000+ so there were a shit ton of people. I would say more than 3/4 were completely smashed and high as kites but I was completely sober. Got a game tomorrow so had to be disciplined :/ hahaha

 Wiz told all the pot smokers to put their lighters up...and almost everyone put a lighter up hahah

Started off a bad night cause half way there (its an hour drive to downtown), one of my teammates says he forgot his ticket. I was driving and 3 other teammates came so we thought it was an April fools joke but it wasnt. He completely serious unfortunately. So drove all the way back to get his ticket but we still made it on time so it was straight. 
There was some pre-band that played before Wiz and Mac but they werent too hot. We just walked around the venue instead and I got me a sick mac miller tshirt. Before Mac was about to come on, we went to the side of the stage and found some standing room where we stayed the whole night. It was a perfect spot cause we were pretty close to the stage and the tickets we had were near the back so we lucked out.

 Wiz killin itttt!!

Mac Miller Thumbs Upppp

Both performances were so sick and they both killed it. I probably liked Wiz more but it was close. I kind of wish he did more old songs cause he did most off his new album which was cool but his old shit is real nice.

This is "When I'm Gone" and off his new cd Rolling Papers. Its one of my favorite off the cd. Real chill and relaxing.

The Taylor Gang anthem!! "Taylor Gang" off his mixtape Cabin Fever

"Never Been" off of the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape

"No Sleep" off of Rolling Papers

"Black and Yellowww"

The only vid I got of Mac Miller. Its pretty blurry and the end of the song. This is "Donald Trump" off of his mixtape Best Day Ever 
So overall it was a good ass time and so glad I went. Now its time for and got to get ready for my game tomorrow


  1. yo i was at this... ur in my town

  2. Kick some dirt. Good luck on your game.

  3. meanwhile in nyc, a dude lost his iphone . . .

  4. sick sick sick! love the vids

  5. biathlete-you were at the concert?

    Anonymous-Thanks! i scored and got an assist tonight

    cash-i feel like you didnt lose it and your saying that cause you got smashed in words with friends hahah

    tb-:) it was sooo sickk

  6. yup bro, i was there... go to a lot of concerts there. shoulda let me know u were gonna be in the 919

  7. ya it was real sick. i didnt know you live in raleigh

  8. yea i thought it was ok, he could have thrown up a better performance. but whatever. you going to pretty lights? or were u just up here for soccer. but yea man this is where i school and play, watchu kno bout that ;-)

  9. naw i dont think i am. i dont know what that is haha but i go to school near raleigh