Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Answers

Here are some answers to the few questions I got...

Have you told or has anyone found out you are Gay and as a result caused you problems?
- I have only told 9 people so far and by tellin them, nothing has come from it. They all treat me the same and act like Im no different. No one outside of who I told has found out, (or at least I dont think) haha. So no problems at all from my friends that I've told.

Top or bottom? Pole smoker or pole smokee?
-Uhhhh hahaha I dont know. Haven't done either so not sure what I would do. I feel like being a bottom would hurt at first so not sure if I would like that. I wouldnt mind trying with the right person though so I guess not really a for sure answer to this question.

Would you like you if you met you? 
 -I honestly think I would. I think I have a chill personality and easy to get along with. I have a good amount of friends so I must be doing something right lol

What is the personal and/or professional quality you appreciate most in a coach and why? In a soccer referee/official and why?  
-Hmmm very good question here but in a coach, someone who is honest and motivates his players in order to get more out of them. The coach needs to know when to be stern and know when to ease up. I love a coach who is automatically demands respect just in how to holds himself. As for a ref, just someone who has a personal attitude and they can talk to the players to have them understand their calls and isnt a dick who thinks he is the star of the game. A lot of refs like to take the spotlight and its stupid since they are such a small piece in the game.

Several times you have written about how your teammates and friends use gay slurs and voice homophobia. Now that you have come out to one of your teammates-does he react against it now? Does he understand how you feel when they use words like that?
Also, do your coaches ever say anything about it when your teammates say something homophobic in front of them? 
-My teammate that knows doesnt say anything mainly because I dont say anything I think. When my teammates say stuff like that, it doesnt necessarily hurt me but just annoys me. They aren't saying it to hurt others and its more of a joking insult. And my coaches dont say anything. Sometimes they will say something as well but nothing like fag or anything just like in a scenario that looks gay (if that makes sense).

Thanks again to everyone who reads and that has been with me for so long. I really do appreciate all the comments and support I get from everyone on here!!


  1. haha good answers. are there people out there who love to only give BJ's? lol I know what the person meant but still laughed thinkin of someone bein like "nah u dont have to suck me off I don't really like it" hahahah

  2. hahah eh not sure if there are people like that but i wouldnt be surprised if there are lol

  3. I got another question for you. What kind of qualities do you like/look for in a guy?


  4. Uhhhh just like a normal average day guy I guess. Someone you wouldnt think is gay and is feminime acting. I like a more manly guy i guess like me. It would be cool if they played sports and liked working out but not a must. just someone who could hang with my friends and just be chill to hang with. Good question!