Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mozel Tov!!

Naw Im not Jewish but my Uncle and newly wedded Aunt are. Went to their wedding in Charlotte this past weekend and it was pretty sick. There was for sure some awkward moments with old family I havent seen years. Like my Uncle and Aunt that lives in Ohio with their two cousins and it might of been my first time seeing my cousins but if it wasnt, then I saw them when they were babies cause now they are only 8 and 9. It was cool though seeing everyone though. There were so many people there though and barely new like a quarter of them just because of a lot people from their works and then my new aunts side was there. 

Center piece at our table. Almost every table had a different one.

We stayed downtown at a Westin that was crazy nice. It was perfect location too cause it was right in uptown. Saturday afternoon we walked to like a outside bar/restaurant area that was sick. I would love to live in Charlotte after being there for a weekend.

View from my moms, sister, and aunts room.

View from mine and lil bros room.

My Aunt from back home was with us the whole time and she asked me when "what the girl situation is" in from of my mom and sis and they both laughed and I just that there isnt any right now. My Aunt wondered why they laughed but they said something else. It was pretty funny when she asked, I kind of got nervous and felt like my face turned red (it does that very easily) but I guess she didnt notice anything.

Then at the wedding was a gay couple! It was kind of weird cause one of them was dancing everywhere!!! with everyone!!! He was doing like show dancing and was very gay acting and people just stared and laughed. He was having the best time and I was kind of envious just cause he didnt give a fuck what everyone else though. Just free and doin whatever. His partner was more conservative but they did dance together and were getting close on the slow songs (yes I stared a lot just cause I was curious). But my mom the next day was saying something about it and just was like, "I honestly dont care who you like or what you like, but that man last night was a little bit too much." I laughed and agreed but it was kind of weird. The man was very flamboyant and outthere but thats not me either. Its how he is and it wont change. Thats not how I am so I told her she didnt have to worry and I would never do anything like that.
It was a good weekend and everyone had a good time.

Also, new music! the first song is my jam right now


  1. sick view man thats awesome, westins are so dope eh, been to the one in seattle. hahaha put a smile on my face hearing ur sis and mom laugh about that stuff, doesnt it feel so much better knowin someone else knows? yesss new jams!!!

  2. SICK? WTF I am assuming that sick means Bad?
    But anyway but I agree with you I would never dance about shoving my sexuality in peoples faces. I believe that's what puts a lot of people off gays the hear the word gay and the image they get is the one you described.
    Dave x

  3. Socrkid: Sounds like your mom is slowly opening up a bit more towards you. At least she talks to you about it now. It's good for her to see that there different kinds of gay guys out there. You can serve as an example to challenge the stereotype that many people conjure in their minds until they finally know a gay guy up close and personal.

  4. I have a relative who is a flamer. He says he can't help it. Once he came out he basically turned into a girl. He even uses a girl version of his name on facebook. It is who he is. In some ways it might be easier cause everyone knows immediately. Only concern for him is to run into a real over the top homophobe and get hurt or worse..

  5. the gay couple sounds like me and my bf. i am definitely more conservative and masculine. on the other hand my bf is more gay acting, loud, and loves to dance. he is the free spirit that i have grown to love (although it sounds like the guy at the wedding had too much to drink). my point its important to always be yourself- regardless of your mannerisms. there is no way my bf could "play straight" and not dance when his favorite song came on, and there is no way i would ever ask him too. im 21 btw and my bf is 19.

  6. Give a lot of credit to your aunt and uncle!! My partner and I love to dance, yet hate going to wedding dances. We would love to go out on the dance floor together, but want to make sure their isn't an incident created by others in attendance that would ruin the special day the bride and groom have planned (even though the bride and groom would have no problem with our dancing.) For your aunt and uncle to be supportive of their gay friends, and for no one at the wedding to make an issue of it, in North Carolina no less, impresses me.
    So does all your fancy footwork on the soccer field carry over to the dance floor? :)
    Have a great week!

  7. I have a friend like that and as much fun I have with him, those kind of gays aren't my type to date. But to each his own right? Hope all is going well with you!