Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter break

Its not gonna be anything exciting cause Im stayin at school. I wanted to go home so bad but its not really worth it just cause we only got today off so travelin all the way back home didnt seem cost worthy. Last night we did a movie night and watched John Q then Robing Hood and the Men in Tights. Both solid ass movies. Never seen John Q before but it was sooo sick. If you havent seen it, check it out. As for Robin Hood, its a classic for me. Made in 1993 and I was still cracking up watching it. I havent seen it in years and my roommates never saw it so I recommended it and they liked it.

Today havent really done much. Woke up this morning to go to the track for a workout then after went to the gym for a lift. Now that soccer is done, I got to keep in shape for the summer. Only got 3 class days left then finals start. Its coming down to crunch time cause I have a 6 pg paper due Tuesday then a 7 pg paper due Wednesday then some shit for accounting due Wednesday. Its gonna super stressful this coming week. Im just trying to stay positive cause summer is soooo close haha

Well thats about it, just straight chillin right now. Might post again soon with some thoughts about gay stuff that I have been meaning to write about


  1. happy easter man hope you have a good day and maybe buy some chocolate just to make it feel like home ;)

  2. Hey bud feel sorry for you not getting home. Hope you do well in your exams. and yea please do tell us your gay thoughts.It's just a pity your roommates don't have some too that could make for a Happy Holiday
    Dave x