Monday, March 14, 2011

nothing too new

So obviously there has been a huge lack of posting on my side but honestly, there hasnt been anything big happen. I did have spring break last week and just went home which was awesome but didnt really do much. I reffed some soccer games to make money while I was there and then I went to Nashville for the soccer tryout as well. It was pretty shitty to be honest. The fields were completely fucked cause of rain, the players were awful, and the whole thing was all pretty sketchy. Its a new coach and owner so they are trying to redo the team but the thing wasnt organized at all. I played pretty good for under the conditions and will find out later this week if I made it. If I dont make it, I really wont care too much cause then I will be back in Texas with all my friends for summer :)

Ummmm, Im back at school now for the last 6 weeks of my sophomore year. There is no love in the near future unfortunately, just living the single life. I kind of wish I could find someone though and that would be pretty cool. Its so hard to tell when guys are interested if they aren't noticeably gay. And thats why for the next couple of posts, I am going to be asking questions in order to get help with some gay topics. I hoping I will get some feedback cause it will help me and probs others in the same situation as I am.

Thats about it but I will ask the first question tomorrow. I need to get on some FIFA since I havent played in a week.

ps- There have some more sportsmen that have come out. A cricketer and a SOCCER player!! haha Steven Davies is an England cricketer that came out about a week or so ago and Anton Hysen is a Swedish soccer player that just came out a couple of days ago. Check it out!


  1. socrkid: When you make it big in the soccer world, you can come out too and make us proud.

  2. It is always difficult to know who is gay and available and who is straight. So we started a gay-only guesthouse and that takes the guesswork out.. all guests are gay. Over the World Cup in South Africa we took straight guests too and decided that we would not do this again. None of the gay guests knew whether the others were also gay or not and it was too confusing. So the moral of the story is you should hangout more at some gay venues, like gay bar and even though you are not out, you will maybe find someone you have seen in straight environments there and this will be the lead you need.

  3. Hey man, I just found your blog today and read a lot of it. I'm a college sophomore down in Georgia and it's really tough being closeted but you've kinda given me hope that it'll all be ok when I get the nerves up to come out. Idk, it's just cool to know that there are other people going through the same thing because it sucks sometimes. Thanks for writing dude :)

  4. FoC-haha thats i plan on it if it happens!

    Hotbodz- Yeah thats understandable especially since straight guys were stayin at a gay place. But its just i dont go to any gay venues. Never been to a gay bar or club and dont really plan on it just cause its hard to while im at school. I am curious to see what its like there though!

    James- It really is tough being closeted especially in college, but reading some blogs have helped me a lot! And Im glad you can relate to me. I feel like my life is pretty boring though compared to other blogs. Hope writing helps you as well!

  5. Haha, we'll see how it goes. Awesome music btw!

  6. glad u started writin again bro keep it up... oh and as much as i dig big sean change up ur start song a bit ;-)

  7. so i have been reading your blog for a while now. Im actually a girl(the only one here maybe? lol), im bi and just came across your blog-dont know how... and it so happens that i'm swedish so i have been following the story on anton hysen(which has been huge!) he actually played soccer in north carolina-wesleyan college last year and was recruited to div1 schools but decided to return to sweden to focus more on soccer. so: small world we live in i guess!!! Anton also got an e-mail from his former college which said that he is a now a national hero! my 5 cents of advice when you talk about not being able to meet guys is that you either meet guys online or come out and realize that there are guys like anton hysen close to you. When it comes to telling your friends: would you really want to be friends with someone who doesnt like you because of how you were born? you have written that you experienced the best time of your life when you told your teammate-so imagine how you would feel if you tell the rest of your team. you would also do them a favor by introducing them to 2011 instead of 1911… /Louise

  8. James- Thanks man!

    biathlete- hahaha i know i know, i need to change it hah

    Louise- Well first of all, you are the only girl (that I know of) that reads and I thank you for that. Hopefully my stuff is interesting enough for you too haha But thats crazy!! I wish I knew he went to that school cause its relatively close to mine. Why didnt he come out last year?!! haha You do have really good points!! I am planning on tellin some more of my teammates but just not sure when. Might wait til next year but no rush really since Im pretty secluded at my school. It would be a huge relief if my team knew but it also could be a huge distraction and i dont want that. idk its just a lot to think about lol thanks again for commenting and comment some more! always nice to have a females point of view :)