Sunday, February 20, 2011

same thing different day

So things have been pretty boring lately. Nothing big has happened and I've been doin the same stuff really. School and soccer have been keeping me super busy. And my mom sent my xbox up so that has been fillin the rest of my time. Been playin FIFA so much trying to get my rep up online and I have been pretty successful at that. 

Nothing has happened with the girl situation. She was fine in class but I went outlast night and saw her but she didnt talk to me. She gave me the fuck off look when she saw me so I mean I think things are done with that. Hopefully that doesnt affect the macro and english help I get :/ haha but naw, i really do feel bad for it. Im still debating whether or not I should tell her tonight. I dont want to lose a friend over my issue and not being able to be truthful about it. 

Spring break is coming up fast and I will be home in less than two weeks. I fuckin cant wait for that just so I can get back to civilization lol Im gonna be busy reffing soccer so I can make some money then I have to keep training as well cause the week I get back, we have our first spring season game. And over spring break, Im goin to Nashville to try out for a semi-pro team for the summer. Hopefully things go well for that cause then I would stay at my brothers place during the summer and probs have a good time there. If that doesnt work out, I might be goin to England to play over the summer. Its a small possibility but my mom called me asking if I would be interested and of course I am but a kid on my old team is trying to set up a trial with a team and asked if I would want to try and go. It would be fuckin insane if it worked out and I got to do that. 

Thats about it really. I put some new music up and the "Who Knows" song is pretty sick. Its been on repeat for the past couple of weeks. Well, take it easy everyone!

"And I always got drive, I gets where I'm goin even if I ain't got a ride."


  1. I think if you told her now it will probably let her understand it is not about her, but you. She could turn into a real friend. In my situation where I am not out the women who do know are great.. It seems they could offer you some great support. Might be able to find you some guys, too!!

  2. I'm sending good vibes and luck your way for a summer of football in the UK. Every American that gets to play in the EPL is kinda like that saying in Its a Wonderful Life about bells and angels wings... . I love seeing Americans making a go in that highly technical and demanding league.

    Just out of curiosity, do you support any particular football(soccer) team? I can't remember you writing one way or the other although I'm probably mistaken. I been following Manchester United for about 10 years or so, mostly because they were the underdogs to that other EPL team in blue from West London whose name won't cross my lips!

  3. Get a passport set up when you are home on spring break just in case the England deal actually comes through. You may not have the time later on. Good luck on that!

  4. I agree with Drew - I think it's time to tell her dude. Great news about possibly coming to England! Let me know if you do

  5. Socrkid: I'm guessing she resents you for avoiding her obvious come ons, and she probably is feeling there's something wrong with her. If you want to keep her as a friend (and get homework help), just be honest with her. She will appreciate the honesty and her doubts about herself should disappear.

  6. hope you get some sort of soccer gig in cali some day, now that'd be hella sick considering its where i'm at lol

  7. Is it ok that I regularly come here for background music? hahah. Blog is sick as usual but I love the fresh tracks. keep it up buddy.

    Sws: ARSENAL!!! notice how they're STILL #2? ;)

  8. Hey, just found and read your blog start to finish, need to tell you you're my new hero! I'm an older guy, happily married with kids your age, but I'm also a closeted gay man. I could list lots of reasons I haven't lived my authentic life, but won't. Just want to tell say I know life as a gay man will have it's challenges, but that you'll find them easier to meet and overcome because of your authenticity. You are wise beyond your years and full of courage. I don't know you but I am still so proud of you.

  9. I'm curious to your thoughts and reactions on Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen coming out.

  10. Well I didnt tell her :/ Never got around to it and wasnt sure if it would be necessary if I needed too.

    swscratch- I support Arsenal. Loved them a bit more when Henry was there but its all good, they are still a talented team (not as of lately lol). My older bro supports Man U and my dad supports Chelsea. Clearly Im the only smart one in my family lol

    TB- I know I know, hopefully it doesnt stay like that :/

    Jon- Im really glad my writings have touched you. I wouldnt consider myself a hero but thank you for that. I hope you are enjoying yourself as a closeted man though!

    Anonymous- I think its awesome! wrote about it in next post