Thursday, March 24, 2011

some wiz and mac miller

Bought me a ticket to go see Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller in concert April 1st yesterday! Its gonna be sickkkk. I'm going with some teammates of mine so it should be a good time. It kind of sucks that we have a game the next day so we really cant to crazy but still should be a good ass time. Also just got Wiz Khalifa's new cd, Rolling Papers and its fire. Real nice stuff!

Besides the concert next week, I really am dreading the next month. Im so fucked with school work. Like I cant even believe how much shit I have going on. I have to do 10 page paper with a 10 slide powerpoint for my business computer class, then a 7 page paper for my american lit class comparing two readings that we have done (its gonna be hard for me since I havent read one story yet), then Im doing a 12 minute presentation with a 2 page paper in a group of 3 for my business comm class (but my group members are retards! one kid is on my team and just smokes all the time and is failin all his classes), then for accounting, we are doing a practice set thing which is just a bunch of extra homework on top of our daily yeah, not gonna be good :/

Nothing really new going on. I cant think of anymore questions to ask lol Like when I had the idea of it, I have so many in my head but when I come to do a post, they vanish haha. I really do appreciate all the feedback I got from the first two. Im sure I will think of something to ask within the week.

PS-Im healthy again and should be playing in our next game coming up. It sucks havin to sit out of practice. I lose my fitness and I have to shag balls the whole time. Its awful!


  1. broskie same way here with school also what's ur major mine is international business,, great blogg man,, check mine out when ever you can would love to hear ur feedback

  2. socrkid: So are making any more in roads with coming out to family?

  3. James- mines business management. and ya i have been readin yours, its good! im just not much of a commenter, more of a silent reader haha

    FoC- No im not, im not tellin any of my extended family. they are real old fashioned and they dont need to know anyones so just keepin it in my immediate family

  4. Damn bro thats one hell of a work load you got there! Less Fifa, more studying! :)
    Its good to hear you're healthy again though! Sitting out must suckkk but hopefully you wont get injured at all this season. And atleast you have a concert to look forward to on friday. Going to see Wiz on my birthday, whattup!

  5. AGD- ya it is!! and idk if i can do that haha i will have to try though... the concert is whats gettin me through this week and its gonna be sickk!! could be better if someone would come with ;)