Thursday, March 17, 2011

Question #2

So second question, a lil odd one but just gets me thinking lol When getting head, where are you supposed to bust? 

Is it appropriate to cum in the guys mouth, on the face, where? I basically ask this because when I hear stories of guys on my team, its always a question and typically the guy says she swallowed or on her face. I questioned this once and said you dont normally have a girl swallow first time gettin head but the guy said every girl hes gotten head from, she swallowed. I know I wouldnt be doing that but just wanted to see whats appropriate. 

ps-Added some new music. First song is one I've had on repeat for a while. Its a chill ass song and Wiz is a thugg. Mac Miller is a new artist out of Pittsburgh and only 19. Has some good music out right now. And yall need to compt Lupes new CD Lasers. So hot and every song is a jam! 

pss-Also had first spring game the other day, didnt go so hot. Fuckin got injured real early into the game. Did something to my quad and now out for a couple days, maybe a week :/

pss- And thanks for all the comments on the last question!! Its good to have feedback and hear different options from more experienced guys.

psss-thats it :)


  1. It's definitely a matter of communication. It's polite to tell your partner somewhat in advance when you are about to cum so that he can either 1)remove your penis from his mouth and point it in the direction he would like you to ejaculate or 2)keep on sucking and let you cum in his mouth. Some guys will tell you in advance where they want you to cum (chest, face, ass, wherever)and if not, you can ask him. If you definitely don't want your partner to cum in your mouth, it's ok to tell whisper it to him sweetly as he begins. Most guys respect that request. I personally think it's sexy to tell or be told where to plant my load. It's pretty natural if you have been communicating throughout your "session".

  2. Your putting way to much stress in to these situations. Everything always comes down to communication. Either you guys work things out before anything starts or more times than not the guy getting sucked will usually say he's about to cum then if your sucking you have the chance to decide where the load goes and same goes if your getting sucked. Dont stress out so much about all these things. Just relax and take things easy.

  3. You and your damn quads.

    as for your question, that totally depends on the guy and the circumstance surrounding the situation (at least in my experience). It's common courtesy to at least warn him that you're gonna bust. If he keeps his mouth there, then fair enough (of course there's the pressure to reciprocate then). If he pulls off but keeps his face there, that's his decision. Really it comes down to communication, whether it's verbal or nonverbal (sorry if I sound like a broken record) and what the other guy feels comfortable with (which he'll let you know either explicitaly or through his actions).

  4. straight guys lie lol not everyone swallows... but they think it makes them more badass. if ur getting head just let them know somehow before u bust, doesnt matter how. and if hes not a jackass you'll be taken care of! worst case u got a mess on ur stomach.

    btw it doesnt have to be "can you not explode in my mouth please, k thx" lol if ur suckin and say "tell me when" the dude will get it. then do whatever u want as long as he gets to finish lol. be a little assertive it's fuckin hot hahah.

  5. Socrkid: Like the others said, just ask your partner what he wants. Hopefully you get the same treatment when it's your turn.

  6. hell yuh, luh this song great to chill out to haha nice question, i never kno what to say i just let her do her thang

  7. Ya I guess communication is a big thing. I just wasnt sure if its something to talk about while doing it.

    RJ- I know! im so injury prone right now and it suckksss

    TB- the person that told me is someone me and the guys think is a virgin lol and he just says shit so he can fit in. the kid thinks hes a badass but hes far from it hahaha

    biathlete- ya such a good song just to chill too and thats whatsup hahah

  8. hahaha thats funny. more questions!

  9. I agree communication is the key. However, that being said, somebody is going to blast inside your mouth sometime, either intentionally or because he was over excited, or you get drunk and it just happens. Or you might fall in love with a guy who really wants it that way.
    Most girls that have blown me never swallow. One exception was my steady girlfriend freshman and sophomore years of college, who said my cum tasted like raw oysters, and she loved raw oysters, plus she expected me to eat her pussy daily, which often contained several loads of my cum.
    When I sucked guys I never swallowed until my first real boyfriend, when the first time he was over excited and I was drunk. I found I liked the taste of his cum.
    In a relationship I will swallow, but not with random hookups. And I don't ever swallow a smokers cum as tobacco or asparagus makes a very bitter taste.
    To get ready for the eventuality, I suggest you taste your own cum.
    Even though you don't see yourself doing certain things right now, once you get in a relationship with a guy you will experiment and do what comes naturally. It's amazing what we will do for love.

    To get ready

  10. gr8sctttt- thanks for the comment! im not sure if i will taste my cum yet but i understand by what you mean. i guess right now, i would never want to swallow a dudes load or even get it on my face. i would be heated haha but i mean it could happen later on down the road so got to be prepared! haha

    TB- im strugglin to think of some haha