Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my mom vs chickfila

So Chickfila has been in the news recently because of an anit-gay claim they have. I actually dont know the whole story but I just know they are not "accepting" of gay couples or something like that. I think I heard that a gay couple was not allowed to go on a company retreat because they were gay. Could be wrong about that but anyways, Chickfila doesnt like gay people is what it is.

And I have said a couple times here that Chickfila is my favorite place to eat! I know its contradictory to my sexual orientation but they make the best fuckin chicken sandwich! haha So my mom called me yesterday and I was like "should I sign the petition?" I had no idea what she was talking about at first but she filled me in. She told me there are petitions going around to get the food company kicked off of campuses because of this. Students are upset with Chickfilas' beliefs and feel they shouldnt be able to serve food on their campuses. I started laughing when she said she would sign it and it also felt pretty good knowing she would stand up for "my kind." haha

She again called me tonight telling me she was #4997 to sign a petition for  a college in Florida. They just need 5000 so she was just in time. Annddd the funny thing was, when she called me, I happened to be in Chickfila :/ She kind of got mad at me and questioned me why I still eat there. I mean I know they dont like gay people but Im not gonna starve myself because of it. Society in general isnt to fond of gays but we are still living our day to day life. Am I wrong? I might cut back from eating there but Im not sure I can cut it out completely. I might die! haha

Anyways, just was cool to see my mom actually cared about that and has the gay community in mind now.


  1. Socrkid: So your mom has got your back, there is no doubt now. That's great.

    As for boycotting your favorite fast food joint, you probably should find out more before making such a hasty decision. I'm not going to tell you what you should do, that's something you need to decide for yourself. But sometimes the only way to get the attention of people is to remind them that we gays exist and if they feel a little economic pain because of it, then you've made your point. If that gets them to change their ways, giving up your favorite meal (must be a damn good chicken sandwich, i never had it) for a short while would be worth it.

  2. http://news.change.org/stories/chick-fil-a-partners-with-rabid-anti-gay-group

    BTW, love our blog!

  3. glad it sounds like your mom is trying to be accepting and has your back.

    anyway, your personally not eating at chick-fil-a obviously isn't gonna have much of an impact on their business, but i think the principle is important. taking it to the extreme, if it came out that chickfila was supporting genocide and child porn and everything horrible in the world, would you still eat there? it comes down to deciding what issues you are willing to take a stand for, and i definitely wouldn't want to support an openly anti-gay corporation.

    of course, it's easy for me to say 'cuz i don't like chick-fil-a that much.

  4. Tell you're mom she just went up a point in my book! haha It's so good to hear she is finally stepping out of her comfort zone and sticking up for you and you're sexuality.

    But WTF Chickfila! Of all the fast food places, the best one has to pull these shananigans. If it were McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendys, ect. I wouldn't give two shits but now I'm stuck in you're position. To eat or to boycott...?
    I'll choose after me and my buddies eat there tommorow night for dinner :)

  5. I'm suprised that a major food chain would be anti anything,it is not good for business.If they were anti Blacks or Jews they would be shut down.The damage has been done and now they will repent some how.Cheers for your Mother,fighting the good fight.She loves you.
    Enjoy their chicken.Keep up the good work with your Blog.

  6. I believe that one franchise gave food to a retreat that "supported marriage" but of course gays who were legally married weren't allowed. The chief of Chick fil-a (not sure of the misspelling there) claimed that it was just one local franchise, that the company itself was supportive of everyone. When more evidence came out that no, the company had contributed to extremely anti-gay groups like National Organization for (Straight only) Marriage, he didn't seem to get that what he was saying had been proved wrong. So he's willing to take your money, but not to support you, and to use the profits from your meals there to do everything he can to keep you from getting equality.

    For me it is a matter of where I choose to spend my money. I refuse to shop at any store that doesn't support me, my legal marriage and my family. After it came out that Target was supporting anti-gay candidates, they claimed it was for the candidates' business policies, not their social ones. No, it doesn't work that way - when you give money to a candidate for office you are supporting ALL of his policies, not just the one that you like. So I don't shop at Target, Valero gas stations (for other political contributions), Chick fil-a and a few other stores. I need to know that my money isn't being used against me. When Prop 8 passed here in California, the lists of the donors to Prop 8 were made public, and maps were on the net showing the location of individuals and companies that contributed, so I know what local companies to boycott.

    It is of course your decision, but think about this. If say 5 years from now you've met the soccer-loving guy of your dreams and you want to marry him, will you be eating at and giving your money to a company that does what it can to prevent you from marrying your guy?

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I didn't mean it to, but I really care about my marriage (coming up on 20 years together, with a 7 year old son) and want everyone to realize that where we spend our money does have an impact. Your mom is great to be doing this for you.

  7. I would say hold off the chicken for a while.

  8. Mom took a big step in backing you that way (good for her!). I suggest you hold off from eating there for a while out of respect for her.